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Chapter 22: Change


I was having the time of my life when Lawrence guided me into the dance floor when Emery played a slow melody.


That girl was awesome. She could play the violin like a pro.


Much better than a pro.


Since I was short in my five feet four inches height, and Lawrence was tall for a thirteen-year-old kid towering at five feet four inches, dancing was not a big problem.


I had goosebumps while my face was flushed when he circled his arms around my waist.


Relax . . . This is not the first time that Ive touch you,” he teased.


My cheeks went hot as I brought my arms around his neck.


How have you been? Its been a while since you last replied to me.”


I bit my lips and shifted my eyes. Ive been . . . busy with school recently.” I lied.


I couldnt tell him his sister gave me a heart to heart talk, and I was bothered by what she said.


Oh. Are you free now? Why dont you sleep here for tonight? Its not safe to travel at night, and its pretty exhausting too.”


Yes! I would love to!

Im sorry I already bought a return ticket home. I have a project I needed to finish.”


Lawrence smiled, yet the disappointment in his eyes shone.


The hell with this!


I was about to retract my words and say yes to his offer when the violin screeched, pulling us apart.




Emery zoomed to our table, and without thinking, I chased after her.


Emery, wait!


But the girl just grabbed her purse and dashed away.


I seized a neatly wrapped box on the table and shouted, Emery, wait! Your gift!


Burn it!


Her reply stunned me.


Her voice was more than upset. It was full of hurt that I felt sad for her.


I heard cheers from the crowds and saw Lance and a girl with long black hair, who resembled young Leanna somehow, were hugging.


Oh. So thats why she runs away.


My dislike for Lance intensified.


Whats wrong with Emery dear? Is she alright? Mother in law came to me, looking all worried.


Uhmm . . . ah . . . shes not feeling well, so she wanted me to give this to you to give to Lance.” I gave the present to mother in law since I couldnt bring myself to burn it.


Oh. Is she alright?


Yes. But ah . . . shell have to leave early. Something came up.”


I didnt want to make my in-laws worried, so I made a lie.


Im sure Emery would also want this.


Mother in law was still hesitant to leave until someone grabbed her hand and pulled her away.


Zoe, dear. Enjoy the rest of the party!


I waved my hand at her before roaming my gaze to find Lawrence, who magically disappeared amidst the crowd.


Where did he go?


I thought he was following me –– but apparently not.


I sighed.


Feeling awkward to sit alone on an empty table, I walked around the mansion to entertain myself on the grandeur of the gardens.


I was at the secluded part of the garden beside the house, meters away from the party when something caught my eyes.




I was happy to see him and was about to call out when another person came into view. A short-haired brunet. She was cute and innocent with sprinkle of freckles on her lovely cheeks and all over her flushed face.


Lawrence, Ive liked you . . . Ive always liked you since grade school . . . and I thought that . . . the feeling was mutual . . . What changed . . . ?


It felt like the whole world stopped moving as I watch the two with a blank face.



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