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Chapter 21: Birthday


The hang out sometime never happened as Lawrence was always with his family, so we contented with messaging with each other until they got back to their country.


It was a week since, and I felt that there was something between us. A romantic something, but neither one of us wanted to acknowledge it.


Leanna was also back in school. I was glad to see her again, but I was, I dont know –– ashamed?




Unable to meet her until they cornered and forced me to sit with them at a restaurant near our university to talk about Lawrence and me.


I told them nothing was going on between us. That we were just friends (as of now).

Zoe. You know Lawrence is just a twelve about to be a thirteen-year-old kid, right? Even though hes mature for his age, it still didnt change the fact that hes still –– a kid. Do you know what that means?


Leanna, youre saying Lawrence is still immature, and if ever we do end up in a relationship, Ill be the one to adjust because Im older, right? I get it. Im completely prepared the moment I laid my eyes on him.” I smiled a weak smile.


No, Zoe. Youre completely wrong.”


My forehead creased.


Does Lawrence ever act immature towards you?


Does he?




Lawrence was far from being immature. If I have to say it, it was like, I was the immature one.


I shook my head.


And thats the problem Im talking about, Zoe.”


I continued to stare at her with questioning eyes.


Zoe, I know Lawrence ever since he was a child. He might have a laid back personality, but he has an enormous sense of responsibility. Since hes the second male next to my father, he considered himself as the next head.”


Leanna grabbed my hand, and I knew she was going to say those words that kept hunting me.


Zoe . . . I know Lawrence likes you, believe me, I know. But ever since you showed up to him, hes been making you his responsibility because he took your virginity. He has this mental notion of taking care of you for the rest of your life.”




Please dont speak anymore.


Before I could argue, my tears fell. It was so hard to retort when I also thought the same.


Zoe, Lawrence has a life ahead of him. Please dont make him feel trap. Thats all Im asking of you . . . But if you two still decided to be together . . . then . . . I wont be against it. And this will be the last that youll ever hear this from me.”


. . .


. . .


I know . . .


I already knew that.


But Lawrence hadnt said anything.


Am I trapping him?

After that talked with Leanna, I kept myself busy in the remaining days for Lawrences birthday, racking my brains on what to gift him.


One day, when I decided to go out for a walk in the park, I saw a craft store near our school.


How come I didnt see this before?


I shrugged and entered.


The exterior and interior were all modern down to the furnishings. Neatly arranged beads and strings in different shapes, sizes, and designs were displayed. My eyes wanted to split apart, excited to inspect every nook and cranny.


Hi, can I help you?


A kind senior woman greeted the moment she saw the frown on my face.


Yes. Uhmm . . . I want to get something for my boyf––er . . . boy . . . friend.  But I dont know what exactly.”


The kind woman laughed and guided me to a place with machines for making glass beads.


How about you customize something up? That will add that special effect. Im sure your BOY––FRIEND will love it.” she teased and shot me a wink.


My cheeks were heating, but I didnt retort as I nodded.

On the day of Lawrences birthday, I was surprised to find Emery at the front gate of the Lees estate.


Oh, right.


I forgot.


Lawrence had––I mean has a twin.


Frankly, I didnt like Lance much. He was the reason why I was heartbroken for so many months (even though it was not his fault).


Emery was stunning in her summer dress, and I suddenly felt inferior in my oxford shirt, jeans, and sneakers.


Fudge! I should have worn a dress.


I grabbed her hand and went inside, secretly sighing in relief that I had someone I knew in this sea of teenage girls and boys.


Zoe and . . . Emery?


We turned towards Mrs. Lees warm, jolly voice and found the smiling woman walking towards us.


Mother-in-law! Im glad to see you again!


I zoomed to her and we kissed each others cheek.


I was actually a reserved person (at least, I wanted to think that way), but I couldnt help being happy at seeing Lawrences mother again.


He got her deep brown eyes.


And Mrs. Lee hadnt been exactly antagonistic towards me even though she knew what happened between her son and I. If I have to say it, she was somewhat approving of me, much to my glee.


Come, Come.” Mrs. Lee grabbed our hand and guided us from all the crowd.


After seconds, my eyes found the young boy who was constantly appearing in my dreams.


Lawrence! Lance! Look who are here to greet you on your birthday! Mother in law announced which made a crowd of teenagers hurdled around them glanced in our direction.


I didnt know what happened next after the greeting kiss on the cheek, but I was snapped out from the dream when Lawrence was about to leave after he guided us on an empty table.


I grabbed his shirt.


H-happy Birthday! I greeted and gave him my present.


I hope he likes it.


Thank you.”


He smiled, and it took my breath away. And before I could blink, his lips landed on mine.


The sensation was soft and short, yet it didnt fail to send waves of jolt down my spine as romantic bumps trailed my skin.


Lets talk later.”


Was all I heard before he left.

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