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Chapter 20: Message


[Unknown Number: Hi. Sorry, I cant call you.

Im still at the hospital.

This is Lawrence by the way :)

Add me on Facebook – Lawrence Lee.

Lets message each other on messenger ;)]




I twisted and turned, stomach pressed against my bed.


I gave my number to Lawrence. He promised to call me, and that was only when I left the hospital to give Leannas family some alone time together.


I was on edge waiting for his call ever since. My phone never left my sight, even when I was taking a bath.


I did what he said.


I squealed again when I saw his profile picture and wanted to check all his photos, but messaging him took priority.


[Its alright. I understand.

How have you been? :D]

I didnt want to end this God-given opportunity. I wanted to talk to him some more. I knew Leanna would not like it, but I couldnt help myself. And besides, I was not feeling guilty for what I did to her brother.


I mean.


I didnt know Lawrence was her brother.


And I love Lawrence.


Ever since I was beholden by those deep mesmerizing brown eyes –– I completely surrendered myself to him.


And no.


I didnt care one bit about our age gap.


And no.


I didnt care if he was twelve years old.


Hell get older.


[Been busy with school.

Can I call you Zoe? (°o°)]




I was jumping now!


[Of course!

You can call me whatever you want.

Babe. Honey. Sweetie. Cupcake 💓]


It was a joke, and I would delete it, but I pressed send instead.


. . .


. . .




It was not my intention at all.


[ . . . (Typing) . . .]


Why does it take him so long to type?




I shouldnt have sent that message to him!


What if he thinks I was pressuring him into becoming my boyfriend because of what happened between us? I mean, he didnt exactly leave anything behind when he left except for that note which had no information about him whatsoever.


It only meant that he didnt want to see me again, right?


I bit my lips when a tear threatened to escape.


Calm down, Zoe!


Calm down.


He was not angry when he saw you again. He even gave you his number.


That thought somewhat comforted me.


[Uhm . . . Zoe, it is then. LOL.

So what have you been up to, Zoe? 😉]


I breathed a mouthful of relief when he didnt block me.


Somehow, we avoided the topic of that night, and I was not about to complain since, mostly, I was afraid to know the reason why he disappeared without leaving any information behind.


Like he didnt want to associate with me anymore.


[Been busy with school too 😳]


. . .


. . .


[Are you free tom . . .

*delete . . . *delete . . .]


[Theres this awesome café . . .

*delete . . . *delete  . . .]


[Hows Leanna?]


[Shes fine.

Shes sleeping now 😴]


[Thats good \(o^v^)/]


. . .


. . .


[Are you sleepy?]


I turned around and rubbed my curling toes against the mattress.





Lets talk for a while (o^v^o)]



[What would you like to talk about?]


[Let me think of a topic.

Next time, it will be you 😏]


Next time?


Theres going to be a next time!




[How about we do one of those

questioning games 😀]


A rush of romantic giggling sprinted back and forth inside me.


[Im game! 😤]


[Whats your favorite color?]


[Take a guess 😘]


[Hmmm . . . white?]


[Oh, come on!

Im not that pure (-_-)]


[Hmm . . . pink?]


[Not that girly]




[How did you know? \(°o°)/]


[. . . (Typing) . . .]


. . .


. . .


Whats wrong? Why does he take so long to reply?


[Do you want the truth or the lie?]


[The truth of course 😯]


[. . . (Typing) . . .]


[Your undergarments at that time

 were red (o°-°o)]


I blush –– hard.


[How about you?

Whats your favorite color?]




I blushed again. If that was even possible.


Oh, my god!


My body was on fire.


[What food do you like? 🍴]


[Tricky, Im not picky but . . .

I love stake the most. 🍖

Medium cook.

How about you?]


[There are a lot of food that I love

from our travels 🍣🍛🍜🍢🍡

but I got to say . . . the best

is the Chicken Adobo with pineapples.

It goes well with rice 👌]


[Whats that? o(°o°)o]


[A classic Filipino dish.

You should try it sometime (o°v°)o]




Chicken Adobo with pineapples.


I repeated as I grabbed a pen and paper to write it down.


This is an opportunity to get to know him!

[Whens your birthday?]


[Funny you mention that.

Its actually two weeks from now \(^v^)/

How about you?]




[November 27.

What do you like the most in the world?]


[My family (o>-<o)]


Aww . . .


But thats not it!


[I mean, material things]


[You dont have to get me a present 😌]




[I want to! (o`O´)o]


. . .


. . .


[Alright, if you insist]


[Anything you get me

is fine (/´v´)/]


What? No, its not!


I wanted to message him again, but he was much quicker.


[Sorry, I gotta go.

My parents are asking me to turn off my phone.

Its time to sleep]




[Alright, I understand . . . 😭]


[Good night]


[Good night . . .]


. . .


. . .




The hell with restraining!


Its soooo not like me.


[Hey, do you want to bang out sometime?]




[I mean bang sometime]




[Good donut!

I mean bang]


Fudge! Fudge!


[Calm down. LOL]



Let me catch my breath first 😂]


[Sorry. I swear.

It was the auto correct]


[Right . . . 😉]


My face was literally on fire now.


[And yes.

Id love to h a n g out with you sometime




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