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Chapter 19: Didn’t Know

Leanna woke up, and it felt like the sun had finally risen after the never-ending darkness.

“Damn girl! You know how to scare the life out of me!”

I didn’t know if I was angry shouting at her or happy when my tears fell.

Thank God. She finally woke up!

I wanted to hug someone right now!

“Cain Fay!”

I didn’t know what came over me, but I was suddenly overflowing with love and happiness, must be from the joyous atmosphere.

“I need to give you a hug for saving my best friend!”

“No need.”

I ignored the damage in my confidence.

“I insist!”

I thought that he was going to brush me off again, but much to my delight and everybody’s surprised, he raised his forefinger at me.

“I’ll give you thirty seconds to hug my finger.”

I gasped.

Couldn’t believe that THE Cain Fay was going to let me touched his body even if it was just his finger!



You can do this Zoe!

It’s just a finger!

Right when I was about to hug his finger, he retracted his hand.

“Times up.”

What! I demand a refund!”

Everyone laughed. I didn’t know why they laughed.

I’m entirely serious here!


Not long after, a loud voice snapped me out of my discontentment, and the door flung open and came in a middle age woman and middle age man and…




“Pretty Lady?”

“Peacock girl?”



Now it all became clear to me, the reason why he couldn’t recognize me.

It was his twin at that time! The one I stalked from Vegas all the way to Izu Island!

At this moment.

All the hurt.

All the frustrations.

All the anger just vanished like smoke.

Disappeared into thin air.

And I found myself falling in love with him all over again.

“Zoe…. did you… the one you… slept with… was Lawrence?”


Is that his name?

What a beautiful name.

I love the feel of his name rolling in my tongue.

I bit my lower lip and guiltily faced my best friend.



“I didn’t know.”

I really didn’t know.

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