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Chapter 18: School Trip


Estela, whats wrong?


I nudged the still dazed girl.


I was starting to get worried when her eyes turned bloodshot while she was enveloped with this scary, suffocating air.


We were on our school field trip at Izu Island –– where I didnt have a very fond memory of.


Every year, Artem University hosted this field trip for the first years as a pretense of welcoming us into the school.


We were on our last day, buying souvenirs, when out of the blue, a silver-haired woman, which I knew was a Russian professor in Artem, bolted and rode a motorcycle and zoomed off.


Now the girl beside me had this scary face while calling someone on her phone non-stop.


Then within minutes, a black car stopped in front of us.


Zoe, go back to the hotel first!


I was shaken when Estela shouted and shoved me into the car.


B-but, what about Leanna?! I protested, however, the amazingly small girl had so much strength –– she was utterly overpowering me!


Just go back to New Haven. Leanna and I will follow you. Ill call you later!


She then sprinted –– as in fast.


I wanted to get off, but the car zoomed the moment the door was shut, taking me to the hotel. I tried to call Leanna and Estelas number to no avail.


Damn it! Whats going on?

What do you mean she was kidnapped?!


My legs went weak after hearing Estelas explanation.


I was at New Haven in a hospital hallway in front of Leannas room when Estela stopped me when I was about to barge inside.


I only agreed to return to New Haven when the teachers reassured me that Leanna and Estela would return together after us.


I knew something was up. I couldnt help but feel all giddy in my seat from the whole ride going back.


When we landed in New Haven, Estela called me that Leanna was in a hospital. I dropped everything and rushed to the hospital she mentioned.


And here I am.


Cant believe this is all happening!


H-how did she . . . got kidnapped? Is she okay?


I forced the words out from the lump in my throat even though my brain blanked out.


Thats not important. The important thing is . . . shes alright now. My brother saved her in time.” Estela rubbed my back to calm me down.


I was not attached to anyone until these two came into my life. Just the thought of losing either one of them was already––!


I closed my eyes tight, taking in deep breaths.


C-can I see her?


Yes . . . but you have to remain calm.”


I didnt understand the rest of what she said to me as I stepped inside.


The moment I laid my eyes on Leanna –– my tears fell.


She was lying on the bed, unmoving. Her once pretty face couldnt be recognized. Half of her face was covered with gauze and bandages. Her right leg was plastered, and cuts and bruises decorated her skin.


Leanna . . .”


I dashed towards her only to be stopped when Estela grabbed my wrist –– tight.


Dont. Its dangerous . . . Hes not . . . stable at the moment,” she whispered. The fear in her voice was apparent on her face.


I didnt understand why she had to whisper, and what did she mean about danger and not stable?


My eyes went towards the back of a cold man, sitting beside Leanna, holding her hand. I couldnt see his face, but I knew it was not pleasant right now from the way he was giving this stay away, or Ill kill you kind of air.


And I knew he meant every word of it.


Cain Fay


Without uttering anything, he continued to held Leannas hand and stared at her. His back was lonely and, at the same time –– scary.


I gave up on approaching them and contented to look at the side in silence. I knew it was dangerous to say anything at the moment.


Cain Fay was like a ticking time bomb. It felt like any second now, he would go berserk and kill everyone on sight!

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