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Chapter 17: Grandfather


I made a fist when my period finally came.

This was the first time that I felt happy that this agonizing ‘thing’ made its presence again.

It means I’m not pregnant.

I’m not pregnant.

Somehow, I felt slightly disappointed. Somewhere in me wanted to have his child so that I could have another connection to him.

I shook the feeling off.

It had been two weeks since that incident with Sophia’s debut.

These past few days had been peaceful that I felt like I was living in a dream… if not for Elliot Volknov’s persistent text messages and calls, asking me for a date.

I inwardly sighed and ready myself for a meeting

I focused my gaze on the dignified, regal old man sitting opposite me.

Luke Jansen

This was the first time that I finally met the man. I only heard and saw him on media, and they said that he was intimidating and aloof.

I guess not all news are fact.

The old man didn’t seem aloof to me. Intimidating maybe, but when he looked at me, his facial features softened, his eyes turned kind and he always have this gentle smile plastered on his face.

If I didn’t know any better, the old man felt like a grandpa rather than a ruthless businessman who they’d made him out to be.

Leanna set me up with Luke Jansen the moment we got back from Hawaii. Said the old man wanted to meet me to exhibit my work.

So here we are.

In this awkward silence.

The moment I’d gotten here the old man didn’t say nor did anything but stare at me. Like he was taking everything of my features.

Uhmm… So Leanna said that you’re interested in displaying my artwork in your newly built gallery in New York?” I started, trying to break the awkward silence.

Luke Jansen was slightly startled, yet he didn’t diminish the smile on his lips since the moment we’ve met.

“Yes. That’ll help your exposure”

“Uhmm… So ah… How much will it be per day?”

I asked unsure because I was on a tight budget right now since I was officially disowning myself from the Collin’s after what I said and did on Sophia’s debut.

Luke Jansen just chuckled.

“You don’t have to worry about anything. I’m a fan of your works so consider it as me helping out my favorite artist.”

He said favorite artist dotingly like I was his most pampered granddaughter that I restrained a brow to arch.

“Uhmm… Thank you… Then… Is there supposed to be a contract or something? You know even without the daily fee there’s still supposed to be a percentage fee for the gallery when my painting sells.”

I was not entirely ignorant of the business world since I have dealings like this in the past.

Luke Jansen grabbed a folder from his suitcase and handed it to me.

I immediately scanned the papers.



“My eyes must be playing tricks on me… I can’t seem to find the numbers I’m supposed to give you.”

Luke Jansen smile grew wider.

“There’s none. All your earnings will be yours. As you probably know, I’m a rich man.”

I pursed my lips.

I got what the underlying meaning of his words.

He have every right to boost since he’s indeed a rich and powerful man.

Many said that Luke Jansen was a ruthless businessman.

Guess he’s not all money.

I didn’t trust anything that was free, but since Leanna knew him and that he’s Zhander Jansen’s grandfather and Estela’s grandfather in law to be…

I signed my name on the papers.

Splendid. Now let’s eat.”

Luke Jansen raised his hand and lined of waiters immediately served us colorful mouth watery dishes.

“Uhmm… Are we expecting anyone?”

I asked because the food could serve four hungry men.

Luke Jansen heartily laughed that I couldn’t help but to smile as well.

For some reason, I felt at ease with this old man.

“You can take home the leftovers. If you want something from the menu, don’t hesitate to order.”

Xhank you.”

I managed to say between chewing. Luke Jansen didn’t mind my lack of manners and etiquette as he quietly watched me eat with a smile on his face.

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