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Chapter 16: Forever


*sigh . . . What do you want?


I held my chin on top of my palm while my other hand played with the shot glass, not gazing over at the innocent-looking man beside me.


After I stepped on Emmas dress and caused a riot at Sophias debut, I made my escape at one of Hawaiis famous indoor pool bar.

Eliot just laughed at my unfriendly remark. Your back looks lonely, so I decided to accompany you. You look beautiful, by the way.”


I have no energy to argue with him, so I let him do whatever he wanted while I held my chin, secretly peeking at Z Oniers flowery dress that I was wearing.

I gulped down my tequila and raised my glass. Barman, another one.”


Just serve her milk this time.”


Elliot intruded and gave a hundred bucks to the barman. The barman took the hundred dollars and served me a glass of milk.


Annoyed, I snapped at him. Look, you can sit beside me for all I care, but dont interfere with what––!


Zoe, you already had too many,” he cut in, glancing at the four empty glasses.


Getting yourself drunk wont solve whatever problems youre having,” he added. He was being careful not to make me upset more than I already was.


What do you know?


I snorted and drunk the milk anyway since I was beginning to feel the effects of the tequilas.


Care to talk about it, then?


Why would I tell you, a stranger, my problems?


Elliot grabbed my hand, gently squeezing it while giving me a thoughtful smile. Maybe thats all you need . . . a complete stranger, listening to your woes.”


I didnt shove his hand this time.


His warm hand somewhat comforted me.


I stared at his pretty blue eyes before I shook my head, laughing softly.


Dont try to act all nice to get me interested in you.”


Im not acting. Im always nice.”


I rolled my eyes, which he just chuckled much to my annoyance.


Is it because of a man?


He smirked when I faze.


“. . .”


Is it because you have your heart broken thats why you cant trust any man right now? he continued to guess. I knew he meant Nicholas, but I didnt bother to correct him. I ignored him and steady my gaze at my now empty glass of milk.


You know . . . one way to forget an old love is to find a new one . . .”


I frowned and finally locked my eyes with his. My words got stuck in my throat at his serious face and unfaltering gaze.


. . .


. . .

Lost in each others thoughts, his face leaned towards mine.


I didnt pull away.


I didnt know why.


What he said was stuck in my brain. My heart was so damaged that it would take any help to get it fixed and working again.


Even I have to use this man.


I gasped and raised my hand to his chest, stopping him from leaning anymore closer to me. His face was just inches from mine that I could feel his hot breath.


Youre not him . . .” I intended it as a joke, but it came out choked.


Even though I was desperate to forget about that boy, I was not that sort of person who used others to cover the holes in my heart.


Elliot remained unfazed as he caressed my cheek. His expression was soft as he stared at me with helpless eyes.


You can use me to forget him.”


Looks like he could read minds.


He leaned closer despite my weak attempt to push him as he captured my lips with his.


The kiss was soft and gentle. He planted light kisses on my lips. I was still dazed by what he said that I didnt respond.


I was startled back when his kiss became more demanding. His tongue licked my lips, asking for entry. He then slid into my mouth when I gasped for air.


And flashes of that night played in my mind.



— Hey Lady, wait!


— Lady . . . I think you shouldnt tease kids like that. Even though Im young, Im still a man, after all.


— If youre alright with me, then who am I to refuse such a pretty lady like you?


. . .


. . .


— You should have told me earlier . . . I could have been more gentle . . .



I gasped and shoved Elliot away.


His face contorted in pain for a second, and I felt guilt and shame.


Im sorry.”


Was all I said before I stood from my seat and walked away without giving him a second glance.

I found myself lost in a trance under the crescent moon so high in the dark and lonely sky.


It must be the mood or the vast obsidian ocean that I was crying –– again.


I hated it when I was this weak and pathetic.


But this time, I let myself be drowned in sorrow as the realization hit me hard that whatever I did . . .


That boy would forever engrave in my heart.

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