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My lady, why wont you use your name? Im sure if you did, those hotels would beg you to take their VIP rooms.”


I ignored Violets rumbling. Violet is my personal bodyguard, secretary, driver, assistant –– all in one package.


Not minding her barrage of grumbles, I indulge in the exotic snacks I hauled a while ago. This was the reason why we were in this predicament –– stranded in Izu Island because I made a detour to a small hidden village that made these exotic snacks.


This was not the first time that food caused me trouble.


I only went on this school trip because of these snacks and other exotic food waiting to be discovered on this island. Honestly, I could go on my own, but the teacher insisted that I come on this school trip, promising to give me her limited edition vanilla-flavored cheesy munchy.


I sighed and unbuckled my seatbelt when we arrived at our fourth hotel. Because it was summer break, all the hotels were packed, and the storm only made it worse.


I looked over at the beautiful building. It was not the first time that I saw a structure this stunning. But the place sure took my breath away.


Casa Montaña

The name fit itself since it looked like a log mansion. A perfect combination of stone and wood only made majestic by its surroundings.


I entered the lobby and skid to a halt when my brain froze at the sight of people going to and fro.


The place was also crammed.


I sauntered into the receptionist while praying for an available room.


I promise I will only eat snacks four times a day from now on . . .


. . . Or four and a half times? I wager.


Hi, is there an available room? I said, not minding when the receptionist lost her bearing when she looked at me.


Their reactions are all the same.


I knew I was gorgeous, and I knew how to use it.


I-Im sorry, w-were full right now.”


I did not hide the disappointment on my face, and the receptionist looked at me, all apologetic.


I sighed in secret and accepted my fate to sleep in the car when a smooth, youthful hand, holding a platinum card, glided my view.




Said a crisped, twinkling voice coming from a boy in his puberty. I turned to look, but my eyes did not find anyone until I look down.


My heart jolted, missing a beat as I stared into a pair of deep mesmerizing dark brown eyes. A youth neither skinny nor fat. Mahogany colored clean-cut hair with few hairs falling on his forehead. Thick prominent eyebrows and lashes, straight and proud nose, thin pinkish lips highlighted by his round face.


I have my fair share of beautiful men, and our mansion did not run out of handsome suitors every day.


But somehow . . .


This young boy, not barely sixteen, caught my full attention. His eyes flashed with admiration at the sight of me, but it vanished as it came, replaced by an aloof glint.


This is a first.


I was about to say thank you, but he turned his back and sauntered into the elevator lobby. I snatched the card and chased after him.


I was tall, towering at five foot eight inches, and he was a kid in his five foot four inches height. After some quick few long strides, I was in front of him –– blocking his way.


I did not know why I did that.


I never acted this rude before.


Thank you. What can I do to repay this kindness? I said, suppressing my surprise when unfamiliar words escaped my mouth.


I never use such a kind and hopeful tone towards strangers before. Not that I ever use it on any non-strangers . . . anyway, you get my point.


No need. My brother cant come because of the storm. That card key is useless,” he said, all formal and polite. Like a well-behaved kid. He then made his way past me towards the elevator.


Wait! I almost yelled. I cannot accept it like this. At least let me repay you.”


I was surprised to find myself hoping that he would ask me for a date like all other men did who would do anything to gain my favor.


He stared at me, resolute and emotionless as he gestured at the reception lady. If you want to, then please pay over there for the room, and you have nothing to owe me.”


Like that, he left and rode the first elevator that opened like he was dying to get away from me.


. . .


. . .


Sometime past that I just stood there in a daze, looking at the elevator door, hoping he would change his mind and ask me out –– but it never happened.


I exhaled through my mouth.


What is wrong with me?


Meeting him lone, I became a completely different person.


I shook my head and approached the reception lady to pay for the room. My heart was racing. My blood in my vessels rushed in excitement as my brain whispered nonstop to hunt the boy down.

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