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Chapter 8: Not the One

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My eyes closed when Lance placed his arms around Jennifers waist.


Open it!


Burn this memory until you give up.


My eyelids fluttered open, and with a heavy heart, I watched as the boy of my dreams danced so intimate with a woman that was not me.


I watched and watched while I sang inside my head the lyrics I so wanted to tell him.

Though I like to stand by him

cant shake this feeling that I have 

and does he notice my feelings for him?

And will he see

how much he means to me?

I think its not to be.


I made a vow within my gown

that love will come to me

And there he is and suddenly

I had been found

I adore him


What is this a painful twist

is this a better kiss?

Theres so much life left in his eyes

it should not end like this


My dreams were slain

my face was stained

with memories of my pain

but peace still came Ill give him the same

I will be okay


Try as I may it doesnt last

and will we ever

end up together?


I think not

its never to become

For I am not . . .

the one.



The ear-shattering screeched of the violin stopped everyone on their feet. Curiosity and annoyance warped their faces, and the atmosphere froze still.


The seal in my eyes cracked and tears flowed on my cheeks beyond my control when Jennifer tiptoed and kissed Lance right before my very eyes. It felt like my heart was constricting so tight, my bones breaking and my lungs collapsing.


Im sorry.”


The words escaped on its own, and I bolted down the stage and shoved the violin to Mrs. Lee, who was looking at me with a worried face.


Zoe followed me all the way to our table as I grabbed my purse.


Emery, where are you going?


I ignored her and sprinted to the exit.


Emery, wait! Your gift!


Burn it.”


I did not glance back.


I did not care if I made a scene.


Right now, I just wanted to get away from this place.

Lance tried hard not to frown when the emcee announced Emery Jansen to perform on stage.


He knew why he was annoyed. He may be a kid, but the woman made it so obvious that she fancied him. And he didnt like it. He was not even flattered that a stunning older woman had a crush on him.


He didnt fancy her and thought she was too much of a Princess for his taste.


He liked someone like his sister.














Thats right . . .


Just like Jennifer.


He looked at the pretty girl beside him, and his lips kicked in a smile. She was pouting. Her moist lips were adorable as they jut out while looking at Emery from opposite our table.


He wanted to hold her hand and tell her that shes the most beautiful of all the women in here.


But he restrained himself.


Jennifer came from a wealthy and well-known family in their province. He courted her when he first laid eyes on her. It was already months after that, yet he didnt have any luck with her. Though he was happy that she sometimes gave him hints that she also likes him back, she never acknowledged their status nor told him when shed give him an answer.


Not that I mind.

He was already happy whenever he saw her smile.


His eyes then slid to the gorgeous woman when a soothing yet powerful sound echoed in his heart –– stirring it to life.


It caught his attention.


The whole time he listened to her play, he was holding his breath. Afraid that the breathing noises would mix with her music.


Her beautiful white-blonde hair was dancing with the wind in rhythm with her melody. Her long lashes were fluttering. Her red lips were quivering as if she remembered something. Her body swayed with the tune. She was like a Goddess given by the Gods to stabilized the hearts of mortals. She was simply mesmerizing.


And he never felt so proud that she likes him.


. . .


. . .


It wasnt until the resounding applauses pulled him from his trance that he noticed he was staring at her with a smile on his face. Their eyes met, and his smile widened –– until Jennifer nudged him out of it.


He cleared his throat and lowered his eyes, feeling a bit guilty for some reason.


When Jennifer led him to dance, he didnt protest even though he hated slow dances. He preferred pop and hip-hop and other modern dances since his sister loves to watch those kinds.


He kept himself under control when Jennifers hands wrapped around his neck –– but in all oddity . . . he was not thrilled as he thought hed be.


Avoiding Emerys gaze, his eyes shot to his feet. He didnt know why he acted like he was caught cheating.


The music resonated, and he placed his hands on Jennifers waist as they glided on the dance floor. He should feel happy for he was so close to her, but instead, he was too busy to not step on her foot that all other thoughts disappeared.


Gradually, he was lost in Emerys sorrowful music that he imagined himself running to her, embracing her in a comforting hug.


He didnt like that the prim, proper, pompous Princess was sad.


I dont like it?


He was bewildered by his thoughts that he didnt even notice something was pressing his lips. Something soft and warm and . . .




Like a lip gloss.




He was pulled out from his thoughts at the violent screeching sound of a violin, and his eyes widened when he realized Jennifer was kissing him!


Shock, he recoiled. Without thinking, he was about to wipe his lips when out of the corner of his eyes, he saw Emery ran to their table, grabbed her purse, and sprinted into the exit.


Worry flooded him, pushing through his throat in the form of a scream.




Adrenaline shot to his limbs, and he bolted after her but was pulled back. Annoyed, he snapped at the one who held him, and his frown loosened when he saw Jennifer clinging to his arm. Her pretty face was red as her lips puckered in a pout.


Lance,” she called with an aggrieved cutesy voice, I gave you my present. Arent you happy?


She was so adorable with her big misty puppy brown eyes, reminding him so much of his sister. The hard lines on his face softened, and the nagging image of Emerys crying face vanished from his mind.


Lance, I just gave you my reply. Arent you the least bit happy that I finally became your girlfriend? she said when he didnt react.


. . .


. . .



*Sallys Song and Corpse Bride by Danny Elfman


*Corpse Bride lyrics by Trickwyi

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