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Chapter 7: Sakura


Everyone, lets give a round of applause to the stunning Miss Emery Jansen as she graces us a lovely piece while we enjoy our dessert!


I stood from my seat and nodded at the applauding cheering spectators. I made sure that my face was not stained with the pain in my heart as I sauntered towards the stage, making sure that my smile stayed on my lips.


I accepted the violin that was handed to me, and I instructed the accompaniment to play SAKURA by Ikimono-gakari violin version.


I closed my eyes, did not want to see Lance, who was just sitting in front of me as I poured my feelings into this piece.


This piece of my love and goodbye.


The first note silenced the audience, and soon, I lost myself as I poured my thoughts into the music.

(Play Video)


Im dreaming the dream I have for us.

We went our separate ways and brought everything to

an end.

My future is in full bloom.

But it fills me with panic without you in it.

In my heart, I hear your voice.

I will get through these days without you

and I too will grow up.

Will I forget everything?

I really love you.

Now my love is wrapped in cherry blossom

the cherry blossom fell, fluttering down

embracing bit of my fluttering love.

Those days I dreamed of distant days

disappeared into the sky.

. . .


. . .


After I finished, I opened my eyes, and it zoomed on Lance, and I would forever engrave the look on his face in my heart.


That awestricken face and adoring eyes –– just for me.


His thin pink lips curved into a smile –– just for me.


At this moment, I was so glad I majored in music.


Im so glad Im standing on this stage.


I would do this again and again if it meant I could see his smile.








Claps and cheers like thunder and storm boomed in the spacious garden while Mrs. Lees awestruck voice roared above the rest.


Emery, give us another one!


I smiled at the kind womans request.


Another one!


Yes! Another!




The cheers flowed one after the other.


Emery! Give us a slow tune! Mrs. Lee dragged her husband on the center floor and embraced him in a dancing position.


The crowd followed with their respective partners, and my smile grew wider –– until Jennifer dragged Lance by the arm to the center.


For a moment, I just stood there. My attention never leaving the awkward face of Lance, whose eyes were avoiding mine while the pretty Jennifer held a smug smile with face held high.


Emery dear?


Mrs. Lees worried voice woke me. I shot a smile her way, and pulled all my courage and asked the accompanist to play Sallys Song and Corpse Bride violin version.


What I was feeling were exactly what those women felt.

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