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Chapter 5: Happy Birthday


Zoe and . . . Emery?


Mrs. Lees warm, jolly face greeted us as she sauntered towards us.


Hello, Mrs. Lee,” I greeted while the girl with pink hair was blunter.


Mother-in-law! Im happy to see you again!


Zoe zoomed to Mrs. Lee, and they kissed each others cheek while I stood there, pouting with envy.


Come, come.” Mrs. Lee grabbed our hand and guided us from all the crowds with impressive ease.

All eyes were on us while Mrs. Lee held her head high, seemingly proud.


After seconds, my eyes found the boy who was constantly appearing in my dreams.


Lawrence! Lance! Look whos here! Mrs. Lee announced, which made the crowd of teenagers around them glance in our direction.


Is it sis?! Lance exclaimed in excitement. But his smile dropped when he saw me behind his mother.


No, silly. Your sister already said she couldnt come.” Mrs. Lee stepped aside, exposing us in full view for the audience to gawk.


Wow! Who are they?


They look beautiful!


Are they celebrities?


The air around them is very different from us. I felt smaller by just looking at them.”


Hey! Pretty Lady!


Lawrence broke the trance as he smoothly made his way towards Zoe and kissed her cheek, which made the girl stunned as the audience gasped. His brown eyes then slid to his brother and motioned his head in my direction.


Lance sighed before he approached me. He shot me a glare when he stopped inches in front of me.


. . .


. . .


I was lost in the wonders of his deep mesmerizing brown eyes that it took a moment to notice that he was signaling me for something.


Bent down a little. I cant reach you, you know,” he whispered with a mixture of embarrassment in his cute voice.


O-oh . . .”


I was like a machine as I heed his command. Whenever it came to him, all my grace and poise vanished before me. Lance tiptoed and dinted his cheek against mine as a greeting.


It was a faint contact.


Not even a kiss.


But my legs wobbled, losing its strength as my arms flew around his neck for support.


Lance was stunned as his body went stiff before he tapped my back with an awkward pat.


. . .


. . .


You can let go now.”


I released him when I heard his angry and somewhat annoyed voice.


H-happy birthday . . . ,” I said, changing the topic to cover my embarrassing behavior.


Lance nodded before he went back to the group of teenage boys and girls. I heard the teasing remarks of his friends while some girls frowned as they sized me up and down. Their faces then turned sour except for one –– a pretty young girl with smooth, silky black hair. Brown eyes highlighted by long lashes. Cute nose and thin pinkish pouty lips with smooth porcelain skin and oval shape face.


She was beautiful, and oddly . . .


She reminded me of Leanna.

Only, this girl was much more girly, demure, delicate, and gave off an aura of supremacy. Like she was cut above the rest.


Sorry bout that.”


Lawrences apologetic voice woke me up.


I tilted my head a little. I did not know why he was apologizing. I was not offended by his brothers crass actions the least.


Nothing can offend me when it comes to Lance.


Come. Ill guide you two to your seat,” Lawrence said and grabbed Zoes hand, which made the girl blush.


Lawrence, bring them to the family table.” Mrs. Lee winked at us before she went to greet some guests that came pouring in.


Lawrence shook his head while smiling. He led us to the front family table, where no one was sitting at the moment.


Ill leave you two pretty ladies here first. Find me if you need anything.” Lawrence winked before he turned to leave, but his stride was broken when Zoe grabbed his shirt.


H-happy Birthday!


Zoe said and handed a small neatly wrap box to Lawrence, which the young boy accepted with all smiles before giving the blushing girl a peck on her lips.


Lets talk later.”


Lawrence whispered before he walked away, carefully sliding Zoes gift inside his pocket while the latter was paralyzed on her seat.


I looked at Zoe with eyes full envy.


Are they going out?


I breathe a sigh as my eyes shot to Lance, who was talking to his friends with a broad smile on his face.

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