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Chapter 44: I Love You


I felt conscious when Lances eyes landed on me.


After I settled my luggage and everything at Casa Montaña, I changed into my swimsuit and sprinted towards the beach, hoping I could still make it for the party.


I breathed a sigh of relief when I caught their last performance for the day. Though it was a closing performance, I did not care.


I was just glad that I had the chance to watch him perform. And when our eyes met, I was looking up to him on the stage while he was looking down at me amidst the flocks of people.


My body burned as I bit my lips, repressing a squeal. At the same time, I wanted to hide from his sight. This was the first time he saw me in my swimsuit. Though it was a standard two-piece black bondage bikini, I wanted to cover myself when his eyes roamed all over my body.


I was not this shy about my figure since I knew how good I look with whatever I wear, but this was Lance, the man I so dearly love.


His opinion of me matters the most.

But very soon, all my reservations completely melted when he began to sing. His voice was so amazing. How good he dances was the same as how good he sings.


I could not believe the twins could be so talented. No wonder they were so popular.


I did not know of other dancers and singers, so I could not compare them. But judging from the sheer number of their fans and the wild cheering crowds, it was enough volume to speak of how good they were.


As the show progress, I reverted to my fangirl mode as I remained stupefied on my spot, unmoving as all I could see was him.


He seemed to be telling me something from the way his eyes locked on mine. My chicks burned from the thought that he might be confessing to me through the lyrics.


He was hypnotizing me with his eyes alone, and after the song ended, my lips stretched in a wide smile.


Not minding the noise from the crowds, this very moment –– only he and I existed.


Until the girls behind me crushed my world to dust.


Youre so lucky, Jen! You have an amazing boyfriend!


Yeah! He confessed to you through a song. How sweet is that?!


I turned around, and the smiling, smug face of Jennifer toppled my view. All the sparkles, the sunshine, the life, the sweet melodies, the fantastic sceneries turned to hell and doom and gloom.


Tears flooded my eyes, and I shot Lance a glance.


It was not me.


It was Jennifer all along.


I shoved everyone and ran away from the place.




My attention flicked towards that voice, calling Lances name and saw Jennifer hopped towards Lance in a tight embrace when the latter went down from the stage.


I held my mouth when a sobbed pushed passed the lump in my throat.


I did not care if everyone saw me crying.


I had to run away –– fast.


Away from all of this!




My legs froze at the sound of my name from his frantic voice. Like an automatic response, I turned to his direction.


Lances eyes stayed glued on me. Without looking at anyone else, he pushed Jennifer away from him while the latter stumbled, landing on her butt against the ground. He then jogged towards me.


Absolute silence descended as no one made a sound. No one even paid attention to Jennifer, falling on the ground, butt first. Everyones attention was on us.


I stop functioning as I watch the approaching man in a daze. When he was inches in front of me, he reached out and held my hand.


Em, where are you going?he asked.


I snapped out from my reverie, and the hurt and pain came pouring in.


A-away . . . away . . . ,” I choked between catching my breath and sobbing. The tears in my eyes prevented me from seeing his face.


Damn it, woman! Why are you running away?!


I cried harder when he said it in an annoyed voice, which I was too familiar with.


D-do not . . . *sob . . . Y-you do not . . . *hiccup . . . l-love me . . .”

Lance closed his eyes and sighed. After all that singing, you still didnt get it?


His brows crumpled, and I stared at him with a teary face.


Lance rolled his eyes and pulled me in a tight embrace.


I love you.”


He whispered as he caressed my hair.


It was like a bomb exploded in my head, and everything shuddered.


I bit my lips when drop after drop of tears blurred everything.


S-say it again . . .”


I love you.”


A-again . . .”


I love You.”


Again . . .”


Youre enjoying this, arent you?


He huffed a laugh as he released me and gently wiped away my tears. That was when the peoples cheers resounded like a waterfall.


With reddened cheeks and somewhat embarrassed, I lowered my head.


Lets go. Lets get out of here,” Lance whispered as he held my hand and pulled me away from the crowds prying eyes.


. . .


. . .


I was dreaming. I could not believe this was real.


I was floating. I could not feel my feet on the sand.


It was a wonderful feeling that I could not describe it with words.


The silence continued, but it was not the awkward silence, more like a comforting stillness as we walked on the shore, hand in hand.


My eyelids fluttered, caressed by the orange glow of the setting sun. I stopped and watched the orange horizon sea and sky.


What is it? Lance asked in a soft voice.


“. . .”


“. . .”


I want a kiss.”


Lance was taken aback. He then glanced left and right. No, not in a public place, woman.”


I did not say anything. I just stared at him with pleading, longing eyes.


Lance held his ground –– not backing down.


. . .


. . .


*sigh . . .


In a blink of an eye –– his face inched closer, pressing his lips against mine.


The kiss was so soft. It was a simple contact, and it lingered for a second before he withdrew. His face red as his eyes avoided mine.


Lets go.”


He said and walked ahead, leaving me behind.


I giggled. Skipping a step, I chaste after him and held his hand.




I chortled in delight and rubbed my cheek against his arm.


Shut up.”


He barked with an embarrassed voice, avoiding my eyes entirely.


I giggled nonstop.


Im so glad I did not give up. 💕

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