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Chapter 43: Confession


. . .


. . .


Lance didnt say anything. He was lost in his thoughts.


Thats right.


It was his pride that prevented him from telling what he felt for her.


At that time, when he heard her play the violin at their thirteenth birthday, she already made a mark in his heart. When they met again in the university after four years, he was overwhelmed with so many emotions that he blanked out. But he already had a girlfriend, so he pushed her away.

He may be arrogant and stubborn and rude and prideful, but he was definitely not someone who tolerated cheating and disloyalty.


So even he was unwilling and pained –– he pushed her away.


But sometimes, he couldnt help but let out some of his feelings for her. Like at that time when he protected her at the seminar and that time when he watched her inside his car, hiding in the corner of the building. Then intervened when that annoying Fred came into the picture.


At that time, when they first kiss, then and there, he almost disregarded everything aside and let his feelings take control.


But he didnt.


He couldnt digest the idea of cheating. The reason why he avoided her every time he saw her. He was afraid the thin strings holding his rationality would snap, and he would forget everything and embrace her.


When he and Jennifer broke up, all he felt was relief. Of course, at first, he was angry.


Enraged even.


Jennifer was many things, but he sure didnt expect that she would cheat on him.


What was hurting the most was not his heart, but his ego.


He couldnt believe someone would do such a thing to him. It was hard to accept, and he denied everything at first. But after a minute, a revitalizing feeling refresh his mind. Like he was freed from thousands of years in a never-ending cycle of captivity.


On that same day, he let go of everything and accepted Emery into his life.


But he still couldnt bring himself to confess his feelings for her. Especially after breaking up and after what he did to her. He likes her, but he treated her with indifference and cruelty in the past. And to treat her differently all of a sudden, his pride prevented him from doing just that.


He breathed a mouthful of air, and with a steady gaze on her and straight iron back, he walked out behind the curtains into the view of the crowds.


Lawrence followed behind him. It was supposed to be a duet, but Lawrence contented to play the guitar at the side while Lance held the mike.


Emery was behind the crowds in front of the stage. And when their eyes met –– he sang his feelings for her.

(PLay Youtube)


I wanna follow where she goes 

I think about her, and she knows it

I wanna let her take control

Cause every time that she gets close, yeah

She pulls me in enough to keep me guessing

And maybe I should stop and start confessing

Confessing, yeah

Oh, Ive been shaking

I love it when you go crazy

You take all my inhibitions

Baby, theres nothing holding me back

You take me places that tear up my reputation

Manipulate my decisions

Baby, theres nothing holding me back

Theres nothing holding me back

Theres nothing holding me back


Lance poured his feelings into the song while maintaining eye contact with Emery.


When the song finished, he didnt mind the crowds screaming and cheering and crying –– all his focus was on her and her alone.


He smiled when she smiled. Then she turned around, and when she met his eyes once more –– he was bewildered by how sad and dejected she was. Like the world was ending before her eyes.


Then out of the blue –– she ran away.


He shoved the mike onto Lawrence, eyes never left her as he went down the stage and chase after her.

Music and Lyrics:

Shawn Mendes

Theres Nothing Holding Me Back

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