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Chapter 42: His Reason


Lance glanced left and right, hoping to see the girl who was consistently on his mind for days now.


He ignored the countless of people who greeted him and continued walking around, checking if she came.


It didnt escape his notice that these past few days, Emery was avoiding him for unknown reasons. He tried to call and messaged her, but his pride wont let him.


Hello! Happy birthday!


Girls in flimsy bikinis greeted him, exhibiting their almost slipping breasts, peeking nipples, and the dangerous sight below, not minding the cold air.

Lance smiled and nodded and continued walking, but the girls barged his way, determined to get his attention. But even so, he smiled in all politeness.


He was wearing a simple Hawaiian flowery red shirt and shorts, but it felt like he was naked in the eyes of the girls from the way they gawked at him.


So, are you Lance or Lawrence? one of the girls said, giggling as she batted her eyelids. Sorry, we cant differentiate you two at all.”


Lance restrained a frown. He didnt have time to deal with girls who couldnt even distinguish him and his brother.


Lance! There you are! Come on, the shows about to start!


Luckily, Lawrence came to the rescue.


Placing an arm around his shoulder, Lawrence grinned at the girls, much to their giggling.


Sorry, ladies. I have to borrow Lance for a moment.”


Lawrence made their escape from the twittering girls and went straight into the backstage.


Come on. The emcees about to start the program.”


Lance sighed and went with his brother. He didnt like that their birthday had to be grand, but it was good publicity for their hotels and restaurants.


Their parents were roaming around, greeting each visitor. He even spotted Zoe together with her boyfriend much to his annoyance.


Who invited them?


He bet it was his ever so martyr brother.


He didnt like Zoe, for she was selfish. Wanting his brother and her boyfriend at the same time.


Why cant she just choose one?


His parents also started to dislike the girl, but since Lawrence made it clear that it was his own free will to continue befriending her –– no one said a word.


Even his sister didnt intervene.


Eventually, after so much of introduction, performing and games and eating and playing and swimming at the beach until sunset –– the party finally ended, letting the people do whatever they wanted to do.


The birthday was a two-day affair. All accommodation and food paid in full. The first day was to celebrate their seventeenth birthday while the second day was the free day.


He knew the party hadnt ended. There still much dancing and drinking later when the sun set and the moon rose in its wake.


Lance breathed a big sigh.


He was about to turn back to his room to rest, but that was when he caught sight of her.


His eyes widened as his pupils dilated –– zooming on her mesmerizing face.


The setting sun did wonders on her.


Declaring her arrival was the stillness of time as everyone stared at her in pure admiration.


Her white-blonde hair was fluttering along with the gentle breeze. Her flushed face glistened and glowed under the golden sun. Her white porcelain skin glittered –– she was indeed a sight to behold.

Without knowing why, Lance quickened his steps, excited to welcome her. But before he could even step forward, a firm hand grabbed his.


Lance, come on! Dont forget, we have to perform one last time to end the party.”


Lawrence gripped Lances hand when he didnt budge as the latters full attention never wavered on the otherworldly creature.


Lawrence rolled his eyes before shaking his head, a smile on his lips.


Lets go. Your Goddess can wait.”


Still, Lance didnt budge. He didnt care about anything anymore. He just wanted to go to her.


I miss her.


Lance, come on! Lawrence urged and dragged Lance into the backstage.


The two of them were now off stage. Their accompaniments were already on the platform, waiting for them.


Lawrence snapped his fingers in front of Lances face. Hey! Get your head in the game.”


Lance frowned and shoved his brothers fingers away.


I know.”


Really?Lawrence teased.


Lance didnt argue and went ahead on the stage, but before he could step behind the curtains –– Lawrence grabbed his hand again.


What?! Lance snapped. Lets get this done and over with! he hissed and pulled his hand from Lawrences grasp.


What will you do after this is done? Lawrence asked in a condescending tone.


Lance paused.


Thinking, what would he do after the shows ended?


Go to Emerys side, of course.


And then what?




“. . .”


“. . .”


Lawrence shook his head, a knowing smile on his face as he shoved a microphone on Lances hand.


Go and confess your feelings for her.”


What are you talking ab––!


Lance . . .”


Lawrence placed his hands on Lances shoulders and stared at him with a serious face.


Your pride will forever stay with you . . . but she wont.”

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