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Chapter 41: Give Up


*sigh . . .


*sigh . . .


I watched as droplets of rainwater dripped from my window bedroom on the second floor of my mansion in New Heaven.


My tears have long gone dried without a trace. What left was the aftermath of swelling, red eyes, and nose.


I sniffed and sighed once more.


I was getting more depressed as my feelings attuned to the rainy weather. My thoughts were drifting at that time in the music departments rooftop.


After school, like my daily routine, I went to Lances department to wait for him so we could go home together. However, someone tipped me, and that someone was a friend of Jennifer, saying Lance was in the music departments rooftop.


Without a second thought, not minding if it was a trap, I went to the rooftop of the music department.


I heard their conversation. Jennifer was trying to get back with Lance –– yet again.


I held myself together as I watched the scene unfold despite the pounding pain and dizziness until the unfaithful bitch hugged Lance, and the latter lets her without retaliating.

I did not saw Lances expression since his back was facing me, but judging from his no reaction as he let her hugged him, it was enough proof that they got back together –– yet again.


I zoomed down the stairs and out of the building without looking back. Could not take another second of that sight.


Since then, I was avoiding him like the plague.


Too afraid and hurt to confirm from his very own mouth that they were together.


Also, I filed a resignation letter.


There is nothing more to it.


I got too tired and too hurt to chase after a man who did not even have an ounce of love for me.


Though I wanted to continue supporting and loving him, the pain was becoming more unbearable by the second at the thought that he was together with another woman.


*sigh . . .




My eyebrows met in one line when Adnans number flashed on my screen.


Hello me love! Me shining star! Me morning su––!


What do you want?


“. . .”


Me love seems to be in a bad mood,” Adnan said and added as a side comment, as always.”


He then laughed. I thought youd be happy now that Ive gotten rid of your number one rival in love?


The corner of my eyes twitched. I did not ask you to do it. Why did you even help me?


“. . .”


“. . .”


Emery, I thought you know by now that I love you? he whispered in a tone full of seriousness much to my annoyance.


I rolled my eyes.


What has it got to do with anything? In fact, if you love me, why help me be together with another man?


He stifled a laugh before he answered with his usual playful voice, “If its Clyde or any other man, Im certainly going to persist my love for you. But since its someone you love . . . then . . . rather than be the antagonist and make it hard for you . . . Id rather make you happy.”


I blinked, and all of a sudden, I did not feel so alone.


Well, have you regretted it yet?! Have you learned how kind and manly I am? Have you regretted your decision not to become me Queen?


I rolled my eyes as I huffed a laugh.


Thank you, Adnan.”


Anything for you me Queen. Remember, you always have me behind your back whenever you need anything at all,” he proclaimed in a dramatic voice.


I giggled.


Is that the reason why you called? I asked, instead.


I heard something like a palm hitting a skin.


Right! Actually, I called to inform you that the twins birthday is at Izu island at Casa Montaña, which is today, by the way, encased you havent been informed. We are enjoying the cloudy sky on the beach at the moment.”


My eyes close. “Adnan. I did not forget. It is just . . . Im not attending . . .,” I choked, and tears welled in my eyes once more.


Youre not? Lance seems to be expecting you, though.”


“. . .”


What! Why would he be expecting me?


He is glancing left and right looking for someone as we speak,” he continued to tease when I did not answer.


I did not give it much thought as to why he was in the twins birthday. I knew the twins invested in Adnans newly built casino in Vegas, but after what happened with Jennifer, I thought Adnan was banned.


He must be looking for Jennifer,” I said, my throat so dry it hurts.


Hmmm . . . That girl is already here, though. And frankly, he didnt even as much as greeted her,” he said and laughed at his own words.


I paused.


That got me thinking.


I did not actually confirm if they did get together.


What if they did not?!


I rose to my feet.


Call you later!


I turned off my phone and went to my closet and ransacked some clothes.


After I changed, I called Violet to ready my jet.

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