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Chapter 40: I Want You Back


Lance, I want you back,” Jennifer said in a firm voice and reached out to touch Lances hands, but the latter recoiled.


Jennifer called Lance to meet on the rooftop of the music department after class to talk.


Jen, we already broke up, and frankly, Im too tired in our on and off relationship. Lets just call it quits and be friends from now on,” Lance said with a serious voice and solemn face.


Jennifer knew this would happen. She already prepared for this beforehand. She mustered her acting skills as her eyes moistened, and spoke in a broken voice.


Lance, I know Ive wronged you . . . but Im willing to fix it all . . . Im willing to––


Jen . . .”


Lance cut in and shot her a wry smile. What you did, being spoiled and selfish and irrational and treating me less than I deserve . . . that I can tolerate and forgive . . . But cheating on me?


Lance shook his head, a sad smile on his face. That, I cannot forgive. I can no longer bring myself to trust you. And a relationship without trust is like a ship without an anchor. It doesnt have a destination. It just drifts along the waves.”

Jennifer cursed in secret.


She was careless. She got so comfortable in tricking Lance that sometimes she forgot he could think. She didnt expect that she would be found out so soon.


Lance, Im so sorry. I know I cant be forgiven for what I did. But Im willing to atone for it . . . Im willing to change . . . Just give me a chance . . . ,” she pleaded, and without a second thought, she embraced him tight.


“. . .”


“. . .”


Jennifer smirked in triumph when Lance didnt react and didnt make any effort to back away.


. . .


. . .


Jen, Ive already given you countless chances,” Lance said after a long silence as he removed Jennifers hands from his waist and pushed her away from him.


Lets break up for good,” he added with a deadpan voice.


“. . .”


“. . .”


Anger rose in Jennifers heart. She couldnt believe her acting didnt work!


It always works in the past.


A single tear from her would send Lance in a panic, and he would submit to her within seconds.


Something must have changed.


Its that bitch, Emery, isnt it?! she spat. She must have poisoned you with her words! Shes a conniving slut! How dare she––!




Lance snapped. His face contorted in anger that Jennifer took a step back.


Dont you dare say those degrading words about her!


What?! Youre protecting her now?! Did she already slept with you to get your favor––!




Jennifer was stunned at the sudden pain on her left cheek. She couldnt believe Lance hit her.


He actually hit her!


He never did once scold nor lay a finger on her.


You can say whatever you want with me,” Lance said with repressed anger, but dont you ever compare Emery with the likes of you. She is a thousandfold better than youll ever be.”


With a dark face warped in annoyance, Lance walked out without looking back.

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