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Chapter 39: Regrets


Jennifer shifted her head left and right and glanced at her Luis Vuitton wristwatch. She already lost count on how many times she did that. But still –– no sign of the Verunian Prince.


They agreed to meet in this hotel in New York. She flew every week so she could meet him. She even flew to other countries so she could be together with him. But lately, she already lost count on how many times the Prince ditched her. But she forgave him nevertheless when he said sorry every time.


Her face then lit up when her phone vibrated, and the Verunian Princes picture appeared. But her smile fell right off her face as soon as it came. Her forehead crumpled, and she stomped her feet in rage when she read his message.

The Prince ditched her again!


And with a simple message.


[Sorry. Busy. Cant come]


She stormed and rode a taxi going back to the airport.


When she landed in New Haven, she couldnt help but notice a media campaign about endangered animals. It was not because she cared for the animals but because the twins pictures were plastered on it.


Those times when she and Lance were still going out flooded her mind, and she couldnt help but compare him against the Prince.


Lance was always the one who accommodated her.


The one who bought her favorite things.


The one who cared for her the most.


The one who served her like a Princess.


The one who treated her better than she deserved.


But she gave it all up for a Prince that was not even serious with her. She gave him up in the name of status and fame.


She knew.


The Prince was playing her. She was not a naïve idiot. She knew when someone was treating her in sincerity and when someone was treating her just for fun.


But she still didnt give up, hoping that she could grab the elusive royals heart.


It was hard. Adnan knew how she thought and had always countered every plot and schemes she thrown at him with a carefree smile on his lips.


He was waaayy ahead of her league!


But even so, the enticing title, the honor, the richest, the fame that came when she could have him at the palm of her hands were very hard to resist.


Still, she could not help but feel a little regret.


Regret in letting Lance go.


Lance was perfect, if not for something big missing from his back like the title and status of a Prince.


No worries. I can have him anytime I want.


Smirking, Jennifer sashayed out of the airport and to Blue Hill park.

Im sorry, mam, but without a ticket, you cant come inside,” said a well-built man, wearing a black suit.


Jennifer frowned and pointed at herself in dramatic movement.


Im Lance Lees girlfriend!


The man in black suit raised an eyebrow and chuckled. So are everyone else inside.”


You dont understand! Im not like those rabid fangirls! Im. The. Official. Girlfriend! Jennifer exclaimed in exasperation as she placed her arms beside her waist, tilting her body to the side. You know what, have Lance Lee come out. Hell tell you.”


The man shook his head. Sorry, mam, without a ticket. You. Cant. Come. In.”




Jennifer was about to make a scene so they would have no other choice but to call for Lance when out of the blue, a youth offered her a ticket.


Two thousand.”


What! Jennifer spat. The ticket sells for two hundred!


She exclaimed, almost wanting to slap the boy who was grinning non-stop.


For some, the ticket was expensive, but since the twins were in it –– it was considered a charity –– the reason why thousands of people flooded the park.


Take it or leave it.”




This day is the worse day! EVEEEERR!


Fine! Give me that!


Ill have Lance replace my money later.


Once she had the ticket, she shoved it against the chest of the man in a black suit. She huramp and stormed inside the park, fuming with annoyance.


But this day was really cursed. She couldnt make her way through the endless sea of people. She was sandwiched and squashed, and the different pungent smell assaulted her nose.


By the time she reached midway from the stage, she was a total wrecked.


Her stylish saloon hair was a mess.


Her makeup was smudged.


Her clothes in disarray.


And she was dizzy from the different perfumes and sweat hanging in the air.


It was inferno!


Pure Hell!


Though the weather was cold because of the approaching winter.




The place shuddered with screams and cries, and she was shoved left and right when everyone roared and cheered when Lawrence and Lance appeared.


She even fell on her knees when she was elbowed in the face because of the rioting fangirls and boys.




She scraped her knees and palms. Her ankle signaled her for pain. She must have twisted it from the sudden fall, and she was wearing six inches heels and a tight-fitting bodycon dress under a fur jacket which didnt help in any way with her predicament.


She cursed nonstop as she got back on her feet.


She composed and fixed herself and focused her eyes on the stage.


Seeing Lance dance again, although she couldnt recognize which was which, her feelings of admiration for him rekindled. It was not her first time seeing him dance, but every time she did saw him dance in front of the sea of cheering, rioting crowds, she felt smug.


Thats my boyfriend.

Rising inside her was a feeling of possession and superiority as she watched Lance being cheered and cried by everyone.


It sent a sense of satisfaction, watching someone yearned for something that already belongs to her.




Jennifer screamed when the show finally ended, but the cheers of the masses overshadowed her cries. She continued to scream, but her voice got stuck in her throat when she was stunned at the scene playing a few meters away from her.


Men in black suit barged a path for Lance as he ran towards a gorgeous lady with white-blonde hair.



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