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Chapter 38: Dance

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The twins wore an identical black hat, a simple t-shirt, loose pants, and sporty shoes.


Though they were identical in every way, could not be recognized due to their hats hiding their eyes –– at first glanced, I knew right away where Lance was. He was the one without a smile on his face while Lawrence had this carefree grin.


I converted from an elegant lady into a crazy rabid fangirl. My tears exploded as traffic jams of emotions overcame me when I saw how awesome he sings and dance.


He is so cool

I squealed and screamed and screamed and screamed like there was no tomorrow.


Now I knew why they were so popular. Seeing how talented they were at dancing that all the girls, even the boys cried in admiration filled me with pride, and I could not help but fall deeply more in love with him.


The twins danced and sang four more songs, and by the time they finished, they were panting and catching their breathes as their faces flushed and sweat coated their bodies. The crowds went wild at the end of the show when they each removed their caps and threw it into the crowds.


Like an answered prayer, Lances cap flew in my direction. My hand stretched to the maximum, but the cap just grazed my fingers before it landed behind me where the wild hungry rabid girls and boys were waiting for the kill.


Not on my watch!


Everything that belongs to Lance is mine!


I jumped back and wrestled with the girls and boys for the cap. I elbowed, scratched, pushed, and shoved, over and over until my fingers caught that piece of fabric.


A triumphant smile stretched my lips as my arms hugged the cap with my life on the line. Some even tried to wrestle it from me, but I elbowed and kicked them away. However, everyone was eying me with unwilling eyes, ready to fight me for the hat. Until black suit men interfered, shoving everyone aside, allowing me to pass thru.




The crowds went wild when out of the blue, Lance jumped from the stage and jogged in my direction. All the air surrounding him sparkled as I was lost in his allure until I saw his dark, angry face.


Damn it! What are you doing?!


He barked much to my surprise.


I did not understand.


Why is he so angry?


It was not like he forbade me to come to this event. He just told me not to go to their unit.


Before I could react, he grabbed me by the hand and pulled me to the backstage.




He commanded when we arrived in a modern organized room.


Must be the waiting room.


I did as I was told and sat without complaint.


Lance left me for a moment, and then returned to my side with a first aid box in hand.


He cursed again when he stared at me.


Do you know what you look right now? he sneered.


I tilted my head to the side, looking all innocent at him.


He rolled his eyes and turned the leather chair around so I could face the mirror.


I blinked.


I saw a girl with messy hair –– skin covered in scratches and bruises and a busted lower lip.


When I saw my reflection, that was only when the pain shocked my whole system.


Wow, that was violent.

Oh . . . ,” was all I said.


Dont oh me! If you wanted my cap, all you have to do is ask. I could have given you one.”


Lance frowned, and my brows slumped in one line, hugging his hat against my chest.


This cap is one of a kind,” I said. This is a memento of me seeing you dance and sing for the first time! I met his gaze with determination, not backing away.


Aw! I cried in pain when he flicked my forehead.


And dont think I didnt know what you did with those fireworks, helicopters, balloons, and so on,” he said.


I rubbed my forehead while pouting.


Those were my feelings for you. It is my freedom to express how I feel!


Youre crazy!


Was all he said as he shook his head with a smile on his face. He then grabbed some things inside the first aid box and, with his other hand, cupped my chin and steady my head.


I was stunned at the sudden contact and cried from pain when he tapped the cotton balls on the scratches on my face.


Zip it!


He hissed and continued to tap the cotton on my cheeks –– but more gentle this time.


After he was done cleaning and disinfecting my wounds, he put a healing balm on his finger and gently tapped it on my busted lip.


I flinched at the sudden contact. My body was flaring from heat.


Stop imagining things inside that crazy head of yours.”


I shifted my eyes.


How can he read my thoughts?


You made it so obvious, you know,” he answered. Just your hands alone are enough proof.”


My hands?


My head lowered, and true enough, I did not know how my fingers were on his abdomen –– caressing the hardness of his muscles up and down beneath his damp clothes.


. . .


. . .


My body burned, and I knew I was probably red all over. I raised my head, and his face was just inches from mine.


His face was flushed, and sweat was dripping from his forehead, his cheeks, his neck, down to his collarbone and down more. His clothes were moist, forming the outline of his muscles.


He smelled of sweat and honey scent, enticing me to pushed my face closer to his. But before I could kiss him –– his index finger landed on my forehead, stopping my advances.


Dont think I will let you kiss me the second time around.”


His lips hooked in a boyish grin, and I fell in love with him all over again.

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