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Chapter 37: Event


I rechecked my appearance again. I was wearing a plain white t-shirt tucked inside a skinny jeans paired with leather boots and a leather jacket. My long hair was tied in a tight ponytail under a black hat wrapped in a sash that had hearts and Lances name imprinted on it.


I was confident that no one would recognize me since the hat somewhat covered my eyes.


I needed to cover myself, so Lance would not recognize me.

I was going to their dance show in Blue Hill park. They were doing a charity event to raise funds, especially awareness about an organization called Animals Are Love and Animals Are Life. It was supposed to be a dance and singing contest with them as a special guest to the said event.


The twins often did charity events, especially when animals were involved. And they were doing it –– absolutely free.


I did not know of the event since Lance never mentioned it, and my whole focused these couple of weeks were on Lance and not on any news nor media. And no one bothered to tell me since they assumed I already knew since Lance and I were seen together all the time.


Though I was surprised that the little organization in the past turned into a large scale, and even had a sister organization –– Animals Are Life.


It was kept private on who funded the organization. But judging from the amount of privacy and tight security that not one bit of information was known about that mystery person, and judging from how the twins were actively supporting the group . . .


I have a rough guess on who might this mystery person is.


I grabbed my waist bag and the banner that I burned candles to make and stormed towards my car.

Violet, is it ready? The timing has to be perfect,” I reminded again.


Dont worry, my lady. Everything is in order. You dont have to worry about a single thing,” Violet reassured on the other side of the phone.


Okay. Im hanging up now. I repeat. Do not forget. The timing has to be perfect.”


A groan pushed passed my lips when I parked my car and noticed the endless sea of people, cheering near the stage.


I purposely came in late since Lance would be dancing at the end. No need to watch other people sing and dance.


Miss Jansen, this way please,” said a baritone voice who was wearing a suit in black.


He guided me towards a private VIP reserved area, and I sat on the couch in the center front row, which had the best view of it all.


The VIPs were those people who funded the event and significant sponsors and influential people and those people who donated a hefty amount to the organization.


I belonged to the latter category.


However, even I donated millions of dollars, I still had to pull some strings so I could be seated in the front row. And when I said pulled some strings, I called that mystery person to asked her a favor. Contacting her even for me was tough. I had to beg my grandfather to reach her.


I sat on the couch like a prim and proper lady while munching my snacks in secret, waiting for Lance to show up. Not minding the lousy rope that separated the VIPs from the crazy, jumping, cheering people behind us.


I could mix in the crowds at the back so I would not be easily noticed, but between that and seeing Lance in all his glory, dancing without any obstruction –– I prefer the latter.


This would be the first time I would see him dance –– live.


I was excited to the bones, flinching here and there.


Ladies and gentlemen and teenage girls and boys! The moment you have been waiting for! Lawrence and Lance Lee!








The whole place quaked at the bone-vibrating sounds of cheers and fireworks. My screams mixed in the fray, and I jolted on my feet when Lance came out with Lawrence together with their back up.


Like a cue, the whole place quavered when fireworks boomed as helicopters hovered the sky, dropping banners twenty meters long with Lances name. I unrolled my handmade banner that had an I love you Lance engraved on it in colorful ink as I shouted together with the fangirls and boys.


I did not care if anyone recognized me. I have to let out the overwhelming feelings, or my nerves would tear me apart.


Albeit something unexpected happened like fireworks and helicopters and raining confetti and drones forming Lances name with lots of hearts and thousands of heart balloons hovered the sky –– the twins continued to dance.

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