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Chapter 36: Life After


The days passed by in peace, and happiness was pouring in my life, and I felt like floating every day.


Lance and Jennifer finally broke up, and from the way I was constantly guarding Lance, they would not be able to get back together anytime soon.


I thought Lance would be much more heartbroken, that would give me more opportunity to attack him if he was more vulnerable.


Men are defenseless when they are heartbroken.


I read it on the net.

But much to my surprise, he took the break up so well, like nothing happened as he resumed his everyday life.


Likewise, Jennifer was not affected much. Well, of course, she never did love Lance. She always had this smug face and condescending smile, like she won the lottery. I bet she and Adnan were still meeting in secret, and judging from that playboy Prince, she would be played and tossed like a used rug after he was finished with her.


I never did ask why Adnan helped Lance and me at that time when Lance wanted to attend the seminar. Honestly, I was baffled since that Prince was repeatedly declaring that he loves me, and yet, he helped me to be closer to another man.


I never had the chance to talk to Adnan again since I was not that curious to know. I never was interested in anything except for snacks and everything about Lance.


The rest are of little consequences.


Lance finally stopped avoiding me, and from then on, I was seen by his side ever since that day I waited for him under the rain in front of his unit.


Eating lunch.


Going to school together.


Though I had to wake up early to wait for him outside Azure Sky with the common excuse that it was purely a coincidence, even though he did not buy it, he did not refute either.


He was annoyed and angry at me, but he also treated me waaaay better than before. He no longer stopped me from following him nor stop me from eating his lunchboxes in the cafeteria nor stop me from going home together after school even if I had to wait five hours for his class to finish.


At first, he was arguing with me to stop stalking and following and waiting for him, but in the end, he surrendered against my stubbornness. I even surprised myself on how I was this persistent. I was happy that I persisted and made the decision to continue my love for him.


Im so glad I did not give up.


My labor and suffering bore fruits as I could happily announce that Lance and I had gotten closer than before.


. . .


. . .


Alright, not romantically closer, more like a friendly type of closer.


Naturally, there were rumors that we were going out, but we did not pay it any mind. Even with all those rumors, good or bad, no one dared to gossip about us –– well, at least, not in front of us.


Hey, have you heard what I said?


Lance snapped his fingers in front of my face.




*sigh . . .


I said, dont come to our unit this Saturday. Lawrence and I have something to do on that day.”




Right, I forgot to mention that sometimes . . .




Most of the time, I spent my weekend inside the twins unit. Shamelessly going and intruding in there so I could be with him.


We did not do much in his unit.  Often, I was helping him with his cooking. Like, a taste tester. Sometimes, we watched TV, played video games, or me helping him in something related to his academics.


Dont eh me,” Lance said. Dont come this Saturday, alright? You wont find anyone there.”


What will you be doing on that day?


Lance stopped chewing his food and briefly glanced at me.


Its a secret.”


He then resumed eating.

We were in the school cafeteria having our lunch, and me, eating his home cook lunch boxes –– yet again.


At first, I waited for him in the cafeteria, deliberately. Saying I did not like the schools food so he could share his lunch boxes with me. After so many scheming and excuses just to share a meal with him –– he finally gave up. Since then, he cooked for two people.


I have a feeling if you knew, youd definitely do something outrageous,” he added.


What, when did I ever act out of bounds?


Also, these past few days, I developed my speech when facing him. I no longer stuttered.


. . . Well, sometimes, I still do.


Lance frowned, staring at me as he raised an eyebrow.


Do you want me to narrate all the crazy things that youve done? he said, putting down his spoon and fork. Alright, I wont even start at that time when you waited for me under the rain and skip in these past few days. You remembered that time when I forgot my lunch box, and you ordered from not one, but four three-star Michelin restaurant and had the food delivered in the cafeteria, and I was the object of gossips even until today?


W-well, t-that is . . . ,” I bet my lips and shifted my eyes left and right as I fumbled my fingers. I-I do not want you to be hungry . . .”


And do you remember that time when I had a practical, and you barged into the room, screaming and cheering?


I-I was . . . giving you moral support.”


I swear, I wish someone would kill me then and there. And do you remember when I skipped a class because I was sick and you brought in several specialists and doctors to check on me? My room turned into a hospital at that one night.”


I was worried. You were sick!I defended myself.


It was a common cold! Lance raised his hands in defeat.


Anyway, dont come this Saturday, you got me? he added, staring at me with a serious face.


I bit my lips and tightened my fingers.


Dont pout, and dont give me those puppy eyes. I wont tell you even if you cry.”


He then resumed eating, entirely ignoring my sad pouting face!


Hmp, if you will not tell me, fine!


I have my ways.

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