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Chapter 35: Progress


I checked myself in front of the mirror again and again.


I already finished taking a bath inside Leannas bathroom and was wearing my original set of clothes that were dried. After I made sure that I look presentable, I went out of the room and found the most delicious being on earth, standing straight, his back facing me in the open kitchen.


The water dripping from his hair was oddly alluring, and his refreshing look and smell assaulted my entire composition.


He was just wearing a simple white V neck shirt and baby blue chequered loose pants.


He was so sexy my saliva was unending.


I want to eat him.


Before I knew it, my body flew towards him. My head pressed his back while my arms roamed all over his chest and stomach. Though the shirt prevented me from touching his skin, the fabric did not stop my hands, feeling every delicious lean muscle on his upper body.


Stop that. Cant you see Im cooking?


I was stunned for a moment. Not because I woke from my fantasies, but because Lances voice was soft and gentle. Usually, when he scolded me or talking to me, he always had this annoyed and angry tone.


Hurry up and let go.”

I released him when the heavenly smell of food tickled my nose, and my stomach grumbled much to my embarrassment.


He puffed a laugh. Sit right there. The food will be ready in a minute.”


Is there something I can help with?


No need. Youre my guest. Make yourself comfortable.”


Lance did not spare me a glance as he spoke. He continued to prepare the food, and right at this moment, I did not know whether to jump for joy or pinch myself hard because I seemed to be dreaming.


Lance was talking to me in a gentle voice!


This is unbelievable!






My eyelids fluttered as my hand rubbed my aching forehead.


What are you standing there just staring at me?  He smiled and stifled a laugh. Go and take your seat.”


I made my way and sat on a chair at the dining table with an empty mind. There was nothing in my brain, but Lances constant smiles.


Be a good girl and stay where you are.”


He smiled, and my heart swelled.


I did not mind the way he said those words like I was a toddler who was about to run off and do something crazy.


. . .


. . .


Alright, maybe I will.


These past few months, I did not trust my self-control when it came to this guy.


This guy that I love so much.


Here. Dig in.”


Lance said and served the food as well as the utensils so we could eat. He was sitting in front of me, which made me conscious.


Dont hold yourself. I know youre hungry,” he said, laughing a bit, and much to my astonishment, he served me food!


I bit my lips when tears welled in my eyes.


W-what the hell?! he said to the point of screaming. Why are you crying all of a sudden?!


B-be . . . cause . . . y-you are . . . *sob . . . t-treating . . . *sob . . . s-so well . . .”


Damn it, woman. When I treat you less, you cry. When I treat you well, you still cry . . . *sigh . . .


He muttered in a defeated tone, and I sobbed harder.


Enough . . . Or Ill take away your food.”


I grabbed the utensils and munched the food he prepared, even though I could not clearly see beyond the tears.


Good girl . . .”


He chortled as he leaned forward with one palm resting on his chin while his other hand patted my head like he was petting a pet.


But I did not care.


I was too happy with this unbelievable progress as my feet did my happy-happy dance.

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