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Chapter 33: Enough


I glanced at myself once again on the full-length mirror, and my body burned crimson.


Lance forgot to give me a bra and panty!


I could not exactly ransack Leannas closet for underwear, could I?


Though I knew her underwear would fit perfectly on me since her t-shirt and pajama fit nicely on my body, and I knew our cup size was not that far off, I could not exactly wear them as those were personal things.


Very personal things.


I looked at myself yet again.


The t-shirt was the right size, but without a bra, my nipples were notable, and the thin fabric of my pajama did not help much in hiding my lower parts.


I decided to put on the robe to hid what should be hidden.


When I was sure nothing immoral was peeking out, I quietly went out of the room with my Dolce and Gabbana handbag. Lance was sitting on the sofa in the living room in silence, and when our eyes met, he stood and crossed the distance between us.


My heart quickened.



He handed me my complete set of clothes, dried and cleaned.


T-thank you . . . ,” I said and grabbed my garments covered in plastic. He must have asked the cleaning department to dry-clean and steamed my clothes in a hurry.


. . .


. . .


Arent you going to call someone to fetch you?he said, raising a brow.




Dont eh me! You dont actually plan on staying here, do you?


I averted my gaze as I remained silent and still.


*sigh . . .


Tears welled in my eyes yet again upon hearing the annoyance in his sigh. I was feeling miserable and vulnerable at his every rejection.


I lowered my head so he would not see my face, and he clicked his tongue when a tear dropped on the floor.


Damn it, woman! How much more do you plan to keep on hurting yourself?!


He held me by the arm while his other hand raised my chin so I could meet the anger in his eyes, and my tears fell beyond my control.


Stop it! Stop it! Dont do this! Just get over me!


I shook my head and sob like a child.


Stop lowering yourself to the likes of me! Im already in a relationship, and I dont want to cheat!


But she cheats on you!


. . .


. . .


It was too late to take back those words. Because of the overwhelming emotions which took over my rationality, I blurted out the words I did not want to say to him.




Lance snapped and grabbed my shoulders. His fingers were digging into my flesh. But I did not feel the pain as my senses were going haywire.


“. . .”


I remained tight lip and shifted my gaze.


What did you say?!


His anger was radiating from him as he shook my shoulders, edging me for a response.


I closed my eyes and bit my lips before I meet his gaze as determination shot through my veins.


It is too late to take it back, might as well tell him the truth.


I seized my bag on the ground. I did not know it fell from my grasp. It must have fallen when Lance shook my shoulders, and I lost my strength. I snatched my phone and dropped my bag on the ground again, did not care if I damaged the thousands of dollars good.


I extended the phone to him, urging him to take it and have a look.


A look at that cheating bitch.


Lance did not take it as he stared at me with dead eyes for a minute before he took my phone.


. . .


. . .

His eyes darkened at the sight, and . . .


There was nothing.


Completely blank.


Even his expression was blank.


You asked him to do this, didnt you?


. . .


. . .






My eyes rounded when his face warped in rage, looking at me like he would hit me, and I backed away.


You ask him to do this so you can have us break up! Right?!


He yelled, and my heart stopped.


I-I . . . I did not . . .”


I forced the words passed the lump in my throat as the pain numb me. Pain that could not be healed physically and emotionally.


Get out . . .”


The words I wanted to say got stuck in my throat, suffocating me as I stared at him, pleading to hear me out.


Get out!


He roared, and my feet went for the door. I sprinted like my life depended on it. The cold wind and the gushing rain was biting against my skin when I bolted out from the lobby into the sidewalk.


I did not dare stop even I was soaking wet and shaking. My face was wet with tears mixed with rain. My hairs a mess. Leannas clothes were soaking wet, and I was literally on my feet. My shoes, the dry clothes, and my bag together with my phone and other things were forgotten in Lances unit.


Even so, I did not dare go back to that place.


I did not want to see him like that ever again. I did not want to see him so angry at me.


More importantly, I did not want to hurt myself any longer.


Enough is enough!

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