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Chapter 31: Waiting


Thinking and thinking of ways on how to covet Lance for myself, I did not notice I already walked a few kilometers and was already standing in front of Azure Sky, where Lance and Lawrence currently resides.


W-what happened?


I distinctly remembered that I was still in school after my class ended. 


But now . . .


I was standing in front of Azure Sky, looking stupid, unsure of what to do.


I wanted to return to school and wait for Lance, but my legs refused to move. Then my brain lit up like a light bulb with the idea that if I could not corner him at school –– I might as well corner him in his unit.


That is right!


He would surely come back to his unit.


I patted myself on how smart I was.


. . .


. . .


Minutes passed so slow as the stinging strain on my feet intensified from standing on my three inches Dolce and Gabanna shoes.


S-should I go in and wait for him in the lobby?


However, Azure Sky was reputed to have strict security. If I was not expected, I would not be welcomed inside, even in the lobby.


I waited from my spot just outside the ramp going into the parking basement as my patience was draining fast.


I knew Lance and Lawrence never drove their car going to the University. They rode their bicycles instead. Probably from their sisters influence.






Rotten Milk!


Please do not rain!


Please do not rain!

(Play Video)






Rotten milk!


It rained.


And it poured like crazy.




I did not know what to do as I paced left and right, unsure of which way to go.


Back or forward.


Give up or keep pushing.


But my legs were embedded on the spot, refusing to leave nor give up.


. . .


. . .


I did not know how long I waited. I was drenching and soaking wet. I did not pay any attention to everyones curious stares as my eyes were glued on the building.


I hugged myself when the cold penetrated deep into my bones that my legs shook. My teeth teetered. My once soft lips were rigid that I had to bit it, again and again, to keep it soft and warm.


But even so, I refused to budge from my spot.


L-Lance . . .


. . .


. . .


I was breathing through my mouth when my nose clogged, giving my system as much needed oxygen to keep it awake to provide me more warmth.


I was like a wet abandoned kitten on the side of the sidewalk –– trembling from the cold.


I could have taken shelter at the shed, but it was twenty meters away, and I could not risk the chance of missing Lance.


Im already wet, might as well take this to the end.


And true enough, my patience bore fruit at the sight of Lances approaching bike with his raincoat keeping him warm and dry.


He was stunned at the sight of me that he skidded to a stop for a moment.


I trembled when his face darkened, and before I could run away, he got off from his bike, not a care it crashed on the ground. He then crossed the distance between us and grabbed my arm –– tightly.


The warmth of his hand against my cold, wet skin filled me with comfort and terror, and my knees buckled –– good thing he was holding me.


What the hell are you doing?! Damn it, woman!


He hissed, and I cowered and stuttered before the anger in his voice.


I-I-I-I . . . m-mm . . . s-s-so . . .”


I could not even speak straight as my mouth trembled from the cold.


He cursed again as he removed his raincoat and covered me with its warmth before he pulled me into the parking basement.


Come on!


He led me inside the elevator after he parked his bike. His jaw tightened while all I could do was shudder.


I cant believe you! Youre crazy! What the hell are you doing standing there in the rain? he scolded while I listened to him like a little kid who broke his pot.


I wanted to say something, but my teeth kept stuttering.


Move, woman!


He pulled me inside their unit, and I followed behind but stopped in my tracks as the giggling and laughing sounds welcomed us.


What the hell are you two doing?


Lance hollered at the two people who were also stunned at the sight of us –– specifically, at the sight of me dripping wet.


Lawrence and Zoe were both holding a pillow and seemed to be having a pillow fight.

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