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Chapter 30: Predicament


It was months after that kiss.


Still, it replayed in my mind like it just happened yesterday. It was not my intention to kiss him out of the blue like that.


I kind of lost myself at the moment.


My mouth stretched in a bashful smile as my fingers grazed my lips.


It was my first kiss, and it felt like my lips found its heaven in his.


But I did not know what Lance thought about it, and judging from the way he was avoiding me from these past few months . . .


I say he did not like it.


I sighed.


The jolly giddy feeling quickly disappeared, replaced by my usual doom and gloom self.


It was months!

Within those months, I never stop making accidental interactions with him to no avail. The moment he saw even a tiny shadow of me, he sprinted the other way. I even blocked his way, cornering him many times. But he pretended I was air as he walked past me or walked the other way around or even worse –– turned 180° and bolted away. Entirely leaving me behind, dumbfounded.


My nails tapped against my desk. My whole focused was not on the students who were playing in front of me but on Lance.


Alright, next, I said without a care as I scored each student a passing grade. Not even sparing them a glance.


My brain was in hyperdrive from working nonstop on how to covet Lance for myself. I was even thinking of kidnapping him out of desperation.


I breathe a heavy sigh.


The students must have assumed I was in a bad mood with my dark frowning face and unceasingly heavy sighs. They could not help but made many mistakes much to my annoyance.


I did not pay them anymore mind as I was busy finding ways on how to get myself and Lance to be together –– forever!


It was nearing his seventeenth birthday, and what to give him for his birthday added to my already frustrating predicament. I knew he always carried the potpourri I gave him, much to my happiness and glee. Though he did not once bring it out in the open whenever I was around. But thanks to my network of spies, I knew he brought it with him –– always.


I even have pictures of him sniffing it!


I was pondering on what to give him this year. Something meaningful and would always remind him of me. This was bothering me these past few days, together with the problem of him avoiding me.


Though his avoidance was a problem, I did not regret the kiss one bit. Ill do it all over again if I could.


How about I give him another kiss?


Or much better . . .


Gift myself to him?


My face went crimson, and I think I heard a poofing sound. Like an overheated balloon, steaming with hot air, was popped.


I dismissed the idea . . . but not entirely dismissing all of it. My last option, if I could not have him through gentle means, I would have him through scheming and ugly means.


I breathed another heavy sigh.


I was getting desperate by the minute.


I woke up from my thoughts when I heard a familiar tune. When I raised my head, Jennifers pretty smug face stole my view as she played the violin with eyes closed.


She was playing Not the One,’ the piece I played at Lances thirteenth birthday.


The one I played and ran away crying.


The day they kissed and got together.


The day I experienced my first heartbreak.


Remaining expressionless, I look at her with a blank face.


I knew what she was doing. With Lances birthday around the corner, she was reminding me that I was not the one he has feelings for.


Reminding me of that day.


Hmp! Two can play this game.


I was not the bitchy type.


I was the prim and proper.


The elegant lady.


The noblewoman.


My mother made sure of that.


But my mother was not here at the moment.

I crossed my legs and held my chin and tilted my head, looking at her with a mocking grin on my lips.


Do not think that I do not know what you did.


Jennifer must have read my thoughts as she made a mistake, and I marked her with a fail.’


I smirked.


I knew I was biased when it came to her.


I did not care.


I never thought of myself as righteous anyway.


If you crossed me, I would make sure you paid me a hundred times fold.


Jennifers uneasy never left her face even after she finished her piece and went down from the platform to give way to other students to perform their practical. Her face then contorted into a sweet smile as she sashayed to the side.


Stupid girl.


Did you think because you slept with the Verunian Prince, he would treat you better?


I recalled that time after the seminar.


After the kiss with Lance.


Adnan sent me a picture of his half body exposed, naked and grinning while Jennifer was resting beside him, naked and sleeping soundly in who knows which hotel room.


I frowned at the flashback of memories.


Adnan would never sleep with anyone unless he took a fancy at that someone, or that someone seduced him to sleep with her for unknown reasons.


I would take the latter.


Adnan never liked opportunistic girls and given his fair share of women and men alike, and with his dealings with people, he was no ignorant on how to judge a character.


This Jennifer must have seduced him, thinking she could tie the Prince to her.


Hmp! You are playing with fire, little one.


The Prince may be obnoxious and eccentric, but he was certainly no idiot nor a pushover.


If you played him, be ready, for he will show you how it is played.


My only problem out of this was, Lance did not know this Jennifer was cheating behind his back. I thought for sure that Jennifer would break up with him now that she got Adnans attention –– which I presumed was purely sexual.


I never thought that she would still not let go of Lance.


That was also one of the reasons why I was racking my brains on how to covet him –– fast.


Of course, the idea of telling him that Jennifer was cheating behind his back came to mind a thousand times, but I held myself.


As much as possible, I did not want to intrude on their relationship problems.

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