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Chapter 3: Give Up


You know, when I said Fairies Pastries, I was expecting a box of cake and we will call it even . . . But what is this?


Lance pointed at the dozens of boxes laid out on the table inside Leannas hospital room.


Well . . . I kind of . . . wanted you to know how grateful I am to you,” I said a bit shy.


I also did not expect I would end up buying dozens of different pastries at Fairies.


I wanted him to try every flavor! Is that so wrong?


Oh, dont be ungrateful, Lance. I didnt raise you that way,” Mrs. Lee reprimanded. Well, what do you say?


Lance pursed his lips, and I almost hugged him from the extreme cuteness.


Thank you,” he mumbled.


Everything seems to be bright and warm this day.


You are welcome.” I beamed, which he returned with a gruff huramp.


Emery dear, how about you stay for lunch? Mrs. Lee said as she sliced a cake and went to Leannas side, who was looking at me with an uncomfortable scrutinizing gaze.


I was sure she noticed my feelings by now –– from the way I stared at her brother and all.

Mrs. Lee handed the plate to Cain Fay, and before the latter could grab the plate from her hand and personally feed Leanna –– Lance jumped in and seized the plate.


Sis! Ill feed you.”


Lance scooted over to the other side of the bed and started feeding his sister.


A tight, suffocating sensation engulfed me when Lance spoon-fed Leanna. He was looking at her like she was the most precious thing in the world.


I wish he is also like that to me.


Lady Emery, right? Do you like my brother?


My eyes snapped at Lawrence, who was sitting at my side, eating a mouthful of cake.


“. . .”


They have the same face and voice, but my heart was not beating at him like the way it was beating for Lance.


You do, right? Lawrence grinned. No one seemed to hear his remarks as everyone was busy with their own things.


Yes,” I answered.


Lawrences smile grew wider.  Hmmm . . . my brother is only twelve, you know. Why him? Im sure there are lines of men waiting for you to notice them.”


. . .


. . .


Why him?


I dont know.”


I frowned when it dawned on me that there was no particular reason.


I just like him,” I whispered.


Pft . . .” Lawrence stifled a laugh. Too bad for you, though.”


His gaze then shifted at the loving scene of a brother and sister. My brother already likes someone else.”


I know. It is Leanna, right?


Lawrence gave me a complicated look before he flashed a toothy grin that was not entirely a smile.


Youll stand a chance if that is the case.”


My brows crumpled when I did not get what he meant.


Lance already likes a girl. Her name is Jennifer Brane.” Lawrence stood to his feet and shot me a pitiful glance. Give up while youre still ahead. Youll only get hurt.”


He then left and ran to his brother and sisters side.


. . .


. . .


To be honest, I was more surprised that a twelve-year-old could speak that way.


He has someone he likes?


That did not hurt as much as I expected it would be. I mean, they are not married –– for all I know, they are not even dating.


I was confident. With my beauty and worth, I could make him fall in love with me.


. . .


. . .


But it still did not stop my curiosity.


I wonder how he is towards someone he likes? Was he still the same cold and indifferent guy like the way he treated me, or . . .


I stared at the beautiful boy who was laughing without a care, looking at the girl on the bed with soft eyes as he fed her with the utmost care.


My heart twisted so much that I retracted my gaze.


Could not look another second at the scene.

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