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Chapter 25: Food is Life


Where have you gone to?


Jennifer asked with a soft, yet edgy voice when Lance came back after taking a call.


We were now seated at a reserved table inside a three-star Michelin restaurant, taking our lunch together.


Yeah, we are getting worried that you bailed on us, refusing to treat us,” Bryan said in a joking manner, which made my eyelid twitched.


The deal was, the loser would pay for lunch, and judging from the amount of food these guys ordered –– they were not about to let Lance off the hook.


From the moment we sat, I was always checking my anger.


Who would not get angry?


These guys ordered dozens of food –– at least half of the menu, and they were not even finishing it while the girls ate like goats as the guys just taste every dish, leaving piles and piles of food in their wake!




Relax, Emery dear . . . Youll look so obvious . . . ,” Adnan whispered, and I reverted to my stoic face.


I knew Adnan got the whole picture by now. What I liked about this Prince, he could read the mood and adapt to it. He was silent throughout the meal and just occasionally joined in the conversation if asked, which was odd.

Most of the time, Adnan and Lance interact in a conversation. The two seemed to know each other and judging from their topic, it was all about business. The twins were a shareholder in one of Adnans newly opened Casino in Vegas.


Sorry, got to take an important call,” Lance said in all smiles and faced Jennifer. The professor called. Remember the seminar I was talking about?


Jennifer nodded a bit, looking all suspicious at him.


Lances smile grew wider. The seminar was moved tomorrow. That means I can attend!


Lance did not hide his happiness as he ate in a joyful mood.


I bit back a smile and giggled in secret, praising Violet for a job well done.


Oh . . . Thats . . . great . . .” Jennifer smiled, yet it did not reach her eyes.


Lance noticed this and stared at her with a worried face. Whats wrong?


Jennifer sighed before she spoke, Its that . . . I wanted to ask you to accompany me tomorrow to the spa . . .” She ran his teeth over her lips. But since you have a seminar to attend . . . I guess . . .”


She did not continue as she avoided her eyes, looking all sad.


Lances eyebrows twitched. Oh . . . ,” was all he said before he remained quiet.


For seconds he was lost in thoughts, looking at his food.


My teeth clamped my lips tight, holding my anger when Alice and Audrey winked at each other while Jennifer flashed a smug smile.


I bet this Jennifer just wanted to show everybody how she had Lance wrapped in the palms of her ugly hands.




Lance raised his head and stared at Jennifer with a small smile on his lips.


Alright, Ill can––


Youre having a spa? I know a place that can pamper you like royalties,” Adnan interjected and grinned at Jennifer while the latter blush.


It did not escape my notice that Jennifer was secretly glancing at Adnan and was trying to strike a conversation with him, looking all cute along the way.


The nerve of this girl!


And in front of Lance no less!


But even so, Lance remained calm about it. Contrary to Bryan and Jasper, who was glaring at the Prince since their respective girls were eying the gorgeous man.


Really?! Whats the name of the spa? Jennifer asked with her more than cutesy tone. Her whole focused shifted on Adnan, and she no longer paid any more attention to Lance, who had a frown on his face as he looked at the Prince.


Adnan chuckled and leaned on his seat, unaffected by all the different stares thrown at him. Why dont I take you girls there tomorrow?


The girls glanced at each other. The smile on their faces widened, almost ripping their lips.


That would be perfect!


The trio shouted at the same time while their boyfriends frowned.


Of course, you guys are welcome to come as well.” Adnan raised his eyebrow with a grin on his face, looking at the boys with a challenging smirk.


Lance, since you have a seminar tomorrow. Its okay if you cant accompany me. I have Alice and Audrey with me.” Jennifer did not spare a moments glance at Lance when she spoke. She was now talking with the Prince in excitement about the spa, which Adnan obliged much to my disbelief.


Adnan hated opportunistic girls.

I raised my eyebrow at the Prince, which he just winked and smiled in return before he flicked his attention on the girls.


I shook my head and resumed eating. I did not care what they do –– all that matter is Lance anyway.


I took a peek at the boy of my dreams who was now frowning nonstop. His eyes were roaming around the unfinished foods. Without knowing it, wherever his eyes land, I served that dish on my plate until my plate was all piled with foods.


Wow, Professor. You can really eat.” Alice exhaled, which woke me from my trance.


Yeah,” Audrey second, arent you scared youll get fat? she added, and the girls look all at me with fake concerns.


Lance, too, took a quick glanced my way with his unreadable face.


I shrugged my shoulders. What is the point of exercise if you cannot eat to your hearts content? I said and added, The Jansens values food. We always made it a rule to finish all the food that was served to us. You see, it is a testament to ones character. It helps us choose who we are going to deal business with from the way they treat food.”


I explained with a smile on my face like a teacher explaining to a bunch of thick-headed kids.


Bryan and Jasper looked at each other before they finished the ones they ordered in a hurry.


These boys were not idiots, after all. They knew striking a business deal with the Jansen was a once in a lifetime opportunity. They have to leave a good impression –– which was already useless since I already marked their names on my enemy list.


The girls, however, did not give it much thought. They were the type that did not help out in their familys corporate and did not know the meaning behind my words. They were the spoiled rich kids that did whatever they wanted, just waiting for their parents money to burn to their hearts content.


A sly smile slipped on my lips when like magic –– all the food was about to be emptied. My eyes then magnet towards Lance and found that he was already watching me. When our eyes locked, he averted his gaze.


It was going on for a while now. I always caught him observing me in silence, which made me feel conscious and uncomfortable, and at the same time –– delightful romantic feelings filled me that I could not help but shut my lips tight and suppressed a smile.

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