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Chapter 24: Golf


After so much salivating, batting of eyelids and looking all cute and getting acquainted and all that –– we finally started the match.


Since none of us were professionals and were only playing for fun, we decided whoever shot the ball into the hole first, wins. With each person only having three strokes in each rotation.


The boys went first, and after the boys, it would be us, girls. After that, it would be continued by our respective partners until a pair wins.


We have chosen a hole that was a few kilometers away to lengthen the game.

After we marked our balls, we began to play.


Bryan and Jasper were like a pro in this. They stroked the ball so naturally, landing on an easy terrain so their respective partners could have an easy advantage.


Lance, however, was not a pro. It took him three strokes before he finally hits the ball. All the while, I was holding my breath, secretly praying and chanting to every God I knew, and only managed to breathe a sigh of relief when he managed to land a hit. I was worried for a second there since, after three strokes, he would not be given a chance until the next rotation, and that would be humiliating for him.


However, the ball landed a couple of meters short than Bryan and Jaspers, which warrant a frown on Jennifers lovely face. The boys snickered while Alice and Audrey glanced at each other, a hint of mockery on their faces.


Adnan did not even watch as his focus was glued on me the entire time, whispering frivolous words nonstop.


Jennifers face was all red as she refused to spare a glance at Lances direction. Lance, on the other hand, in spite of everything else, remained calm and indifferent.


Emery, me love! This is for you!


Adnan proclaimed with so much drama in his voice as he positioned himself to strike the ball.


All the girls sighed with droopy eyes while the boys face darkened.


I, on the other hand, pretended to look at Adnan, but my whole focused was on Lance and Jennifers conversation at the side as I sneaked towards them until I was meters away from the two.


I dont believe this! I thought you said you know how to play?


Jennifer tried to lower her hissing voice, but I still heard it mainly because I forced my ears to concentrate on understanding their discussion.


I know how to play, but I never said Im a pro at it,” Lance said in his defense. He then lowered his head, cheeks red.




Cheers of astonishment pulled the three of us from our thoughts when Adnan hit the ball, and it went flying past the spheres of Bryan and Jaspers –– garnering us first place in the first rotation.


Isnt he too perfect?


One of the girls said with a love-stricken tone.


Hmp! At least hes not just a handsome face, unlike one of us here.” Bryan snorted. He and Jasper snickered while throwing a look at Lance.


Ill remember you.


I glared at the man, making sure to make him pay one of these days.


God, youre embarrassing me.” Jennifer turned her back on Lance and went to their cart.


Lance just stared at Jennifer without any emotion on his face before he followed her in silence.


How is it, me love? Did you feel awe? Amazement? In complete reverence towards me? Did you fell in love with me just now? Adnan scurried to my side with his puppy eyes. If he had a tail, it would be wagging by now.


I rolled my eyes and went to our cart. Adnan just grinned before he followed me into the cart while his bodyguards tailed us from behind.


When it was the girls turn, I was surprised to know that Jennifer was actually good at this while Alice and Audrey held their own. When it was my turn, Adnan shouted like crazy. He was like a cheerleader where the only things missing were his skirt and pom-poms.


His constant howls garnered envy and jealousy from the girls while a sneer from the boys except for Lance, who was obviously astonished at watching the eccentric Prince.


Then he glanced at me, and when our eyes met, he avoided my gaze.


See that lady with white-blonde hair?! Shes the best one in here! Shes got spirit. Shes got pride. Im so lucky shes on my side! Give me an E! Give me an M! Give me an E – R – Y! Go Emery!


. . .


. . .

I wanted the ground to open and swallow me whole.


I honestly, wholeheartedly, regretted that I asked the eccentric Prince to be my partner.


I took a quick peek at Lance, who was now holding a smile on his lips, and my face burned red.


Rotten milk!


I hate you! You obnoxious Prince!


I ignored Adnan and calmed my nerves.


I think youre going to lose, Jen. I never thought that your boyfriend doesnt know how to play. I was really sure that . . . you know since he is famed that he can do anything . . .”


Alice said at Jennifer with her consoling tone while a hint of a smile was on her lips. She was apparently one of those plastic friends who could not wait to say something the moment she saw a tiny bit of mistake.


Jennifer remained quiet and only smiled. But she batted an eyelid at Lance –­– throwing a glare at him in secret.


I also heard the boys mocking him openly much to my annoyance.


What do they think Lance is? A perfect person because he is famous?


All of a sudden, I felt sympathy for Lance and Lawrence. Though they were not celebrities, it seemed like they were living in that kind of world because they were often seen on media where every person should be perfect.


Lance is still a person with many flaws! Not a perfect crafted object for you to shove your ideal image of a man!


I cursed, and I never cursed.


I stroke the ball –– it missed.


I stroke a second time, and it missed.


The third time and it still missed.


. . .


. . .


Silence descended as Adnan watched me in astonishment when I returned to his side with face held high like I came out as the champion –– ignoring everyone.


I never thought Emery would also be . . .”


Yeah . . . Who would have known that she doesnt know how to play golf?


Whispers resounded, and I stayed oblivious to it all.


Jennifer and the girls smirked, holding a triumphant smile.


I looked at Lance and found him staring at me with an unreadable face before he averted his gaze –– a slight smile on his pretty face.


Hmmm . . .” Adnan watched me with a knowing smile plastered on his lips. He glanced at Lance, but he did not say anything much to my relief.


Even though Adnan was frivolous, no one could deny that he was actually smart and very perceptive. Adnan knew I was a pro at golf since my father, James Jansen, loves to play golf.


I could even rival the Prince when it came to this sport.


I deliberately pulled this stunt so no one would mock Lance on how poorly he played since if they dared too, it was also like mocking me because I too played poorly.


And who would dare mock Emery Jansen?


Not even royalties would dare.


And true enough, no one said a word. At least not openly anymore when Lance missed all his strikes.


Eventually, the game ended with Audrey and Jasper winning, and Jennifer and Lance came in last while us in third place.


After my poor display of golf skills, Adnan too lost his vigor as he just stroke the ball, whichever was which, but it still landed us third out of fourth.


The whole game, me and Lance battled each other on who was the most terrible player.


I giggled, remembering that time when I purposely swung the club and let it slip from my hands as it flew towards Bryan. Unfortunately, that boy had luck on his side today. The club flew past him with a slight margin from his cheek.


My face reddened when that memory flickered in my mind when I took a peek at Lance and found him already staring at me with a smile on his face. But he quickly averted his gaze when our eyes met.


There was something romantic when you glanced towards the person you love and found he was already staring at you.


I giggled at the flashback, and I knew, it would continuously replay in my mind for days to come.

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