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Chapter 23: Jennifer Brane


Jennifer Brane


One of the two daughters of the Branes family of five.


The Branes family was well known as a famous local supplier of different building materials that came from abroad.


Born to a wealthy and renowned family, she was taught money, fame, and power were the most important things in life. With the teachings of her household, she believed she was cut above the rest of the kids in their province.


She was not like those skunks who were contented to breathe the farm and pigs pens air in an unknown province in a little country.




She belonged in the limelight!


So it was only right that she wanted her man to contend with her in terms of physical and status wise.


When Lance Lee came into the picture, she was happy, but not thrilled. Happy because the twins were the most sought after in their school. That was another boost to her popularity.


But thats just it.


Just another pretty face.

Though his family was wealthy, who didnt know what their family business was?


Buy and sell of rice and dried coconuts, and . . .




No way!


What would her parents say if she dated a farmers boy?!




Hence, she let him courted her. He had his use. She enjoyed the attention. The girls jealous stares. His gifts to her.


Every now and then, she gave him hints to keep him wrapped around her little fingers. She knew what tricks to use to manipulate a man, much less an ignorant boy. She learned from the best, her mother and sister, as well as, her brothers.


She didnt have any plans to say yes to him –– until this tall, gorgeous lady appeared in the twins thirteenth birthday. This womans whole being radiated nobility that she thought she was a Princess. Everything about her, the way she carried herself with confidence, poise, and elegance –– so natural like she was born with it.


The woman attracted everyones attention without even doing anything!


The woman was everything she ever wanted to be. At that moment, for the first time in her life, she was jealous.


But her revenge came too soon when she noticed this Emery Jansen fancies Lance.


She felt she won an invincible contest between women. The smug feeling that the boy she likes –– likes her instead.


Now thats satisfying.


She wanted to make Emery jealous of her, so she kissed Lance. She never wanted to say yes.’ However, one thing led to another.


She was planning to break up after, but having Lance as a boyfriend was much more convenient than she expected. He was like her credit card, instant and fast. She didnt have to beg for her family anymore.


After two years, they broke up after meeting his sister, Leanna Lee. She didnt care. It was fun while it lasted. She knew Lance had a sister complex and that she resembled his sister somehow. She didnt mind it one bit since she didnt love him anyway.


When the twins became popular, so popular that almost all the girls and some boys in their province go gaga on them –– she approached him again, and they got back together.


Their relationship had been on and off since then. Lance was even more busy with his gigs and investments. She had to admit, she was impressed that he was already successful at a young age.


But that was not enough.


When they broke up on their graduation day, she didnt have any plans to get back together since she was going to the states. That meant there would be lots of men who were much more successful and much more famous than him abroad.


On the first day of college, she already made friends. Rich friends! Belonging to the same status as her. And on the same day, she was shocked to find out that the twins were famous even in New Haven.


Every girl wanted them for themselves! For that reason, she approached him again. She knew Lance couldnt say no to her. She could use him again to raise her popularity while on the lookout for someone who was a better catch.


Till she laid eyes on him.


A Prince!


A pure-blooded royalty!


Only this man could match her!


Adnan Sahid

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