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Chapter 22: Partners


I look at my reflection on the mirror. I wanted to look sexy and beautiful for Lance, but since Im a teacher, I wore something decent instead. So I opted for a white polo shirt and hazelnut colored fitted trousers and tennis shoes. Then I raised my hair in a tight ponytail and wore a tennis cap.


Satisfied, I grabbed my Louis Vuitton raindrop bag and dashed towards my car.

I was early, seven-thirty, to be exact. The excitement to see Lance prompted me to be ahead of time.


I parked my car, and the attendant guided me inside the vast neatly cared grass field, and a group of people was chatting with their respective golf carts by their side.


My eyes sparkled as my world brightened when I saw him.


He was wearing a white Marc O Polo shirt tucked in his jeans paired with refreshing blue colored Nike shoes. He did not have any ornament except a Patek Philippe watch.


Very casual.


Very handsome.


Very . . .


. . . Him.


The air around him sparkled, and I was blinded by the bright rays of sun shining down upon him, and all I could see was him.


Hello, professor!          


The cutesy voice of Jennifer brought me back to reality, and my eyes slid to the people around him.


Woah! You werent kidding when you said professor Jansen would come,” Alice Brook chimed in with a broad smile on her face.


But I knew she was not exactly thrilled to see me. She was one of my students in Artem. Beside her was a boy with dark hair, who is probably her boyfriend.


Hello, professor. Its nice of you to join us.” Audrey Roche bumped into the picture together with a boy with brunette hair. She is also one of my students.


The three girls all look lovely with their latest Channel and Gucci outfits while the boys held their own in their expensive designer clothes.


Professor, this is Bryan and Jasper. Both are studying at Harvard. Guys, this is professor Emery Jansen,” Jennifer introduced.


I gave off an unapproachable air to not shake their hands. Fortunately, the boys picked up my radar. It was evident in their heated stares that they were beholden by my beauty, much to their girlfriends annoyance.


And of course, you already know my boyfriend, right? Jennifer sweetly smiled as she went to Lances side and slid an arm around his in a possessive hold.


Lance shot a frown my way, maybe because he noticed the hurt in my eyes.


I nodded and tore my gaze away from them as I pretended to look around.


So, wheres your date, professor? Jennifer asked, looking behind me, maintaining her clutches on Lances arm.


Now that she mentioned it, Adnan was still not here. I wanted to facepalm myself when I realized that the obnoxious Prince always likes to make a grand entrance.


He will be here,” I said, sounding nonchalant. Sorry, can we wait––



I did not finish my sentence when all eyes zeroed behind me, and I knew my date had finally arrived.


I turned and saw four men in a white shirt complete with black sunglasses behind the Verunian Princes beautiful toned self –– leisurely walking toward us in his black pants, white tucked-in ¾ sleeve shirt with a slit on the center, teasingly peeking his bronze well-sculpted chest.


His entire being was laid back, and when our eyes met, he flashed me a sheepish grin, which caused the girls to clumped their thighs together while the boys frowned.


Adnan zoomed towards me with open arms. Emery, me love! Im sorry, Im late! I was caught up in what to wear in our first date––!


I stepped back, and the Verunian Prince stumbled when his arms hug air.


Everyone, this is Adnan. My friend. Adnan, this is Alice, Audrey, Jennifer, Bryan, Jasper, and Lance. So should we start playing golf now? I said, not minding the girls who have not registered what I said as they stared at the Prince with a blank face –– disbelief in their eyes.


I could not exactly blame them.


It was not every day that they could meet a Prince and a drop-dead gorgeous one at that.


Although Adnan was famous, and I bet all the girls knew him, but the man could only be met in person if they were invited to his parties and business balls. And usually, the ones who were invited were the cream of the crop in high societies, royalties, and influential people all over the world –– not teenage girls and boys.


Adnan grinned like he always did when I brushed him off.


I gave him a perfect score for his tenacity, if nothing else.


Adnan fixed his hair and tugged his clothes, looking all suave as he flashed his killer smile in front of the audience.


Hello, everyone. Thrilled to be playing with you.”

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