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Chapter 21: Not my Intention


Wow! Professor, I didnt know you eat like a man.”


Jennifer held her cheeks as she batted her eyelids, looking all cute.


Though I remained poise and did not forget my manners when eating, I alone finished the whole lunch boxes Lance gave me.


Professor? Lance paused and shot Jennifer a glance.


Oh, right. I havent told you,” Jennifer beamed and introduced, Professor Emery Jansen, our violin teacher.”




That was all he said before he resumed eating, entirely ignoring me –– eluding any eye contact.


I did not mind.


It was already a miracle that I got the chance to ate his home cook meals. I think I have used my entire months worth of luck for this one meal.


Although it was not delicious compared to the gourmets I usually eat, right now, I would give up every three-star Michelin restaurants or any famous chiefs dishes so I could eat his cook meal again.

So Professor,” Jennifer started, we have a golf match this Saturday with my friends. Do you want to come?


Lance froze and stared at Jennifer with questions written all over his face while the latter maintained her cheery smile as her brown eyes never left my blue ones.


My back straightened, and I forced a smile like the one I gave to children I did not like.




Thats great!


Jennifer clapped her hands as she leaned her head against Lances shoulder while pressing her fingertips together. Make sure to bring someone along. Its a couples match.”


Though my heart tightened at the intimate scene, I maintained my professional practice perfect smile.


I knew what she was doing.


I was not ignorant when it came to girls scheming.


I have my fair share of those.


I knew she knew I like Lance.


She was going to show me how lovey-dovey they are at the golf match. That was why she wanted me to come.




Awesome! Meet you at golf course A this Saturday at eight in the morning.” Jennifer grabbed her things and flexed her fingers in a wave. Ill go ahead first.”


Then without warning, she cupped Lances face and kissed him before everyones eyes.


It was not only Lance who was stunned at the sudden kiss, for a moment, the whole cafeteria stopped buzzing. And before we could recover, Jennifer ended the kiss and threw a wink at Lance before she flashed me a smug smile.


Bye, professor,” she slurred and sashayed out of the cafeteria.


. . .


. . .


Lance took a deep breath as he cleared the clutters on the table without a word.


Not before long, his dense eyebrows met at the center while his eyes narrowed.


Dont give me that face like youre about to cry. If you dont want to get hurt, stay away from me,” he said in a low, harsh tone as he shoved the boxes inside his bag and strode out of the cafeteria without another second.


. . .


. . .


I blinked the tears I did not know were already there.


I did not know I was about to cry.


It was not my intention to look all miserably at him.


He must have thought I was trying to gain his sympathy by crying.


It was not my intention at all . . .

Hello! Me Princess. Me Queen, the love of me––!


I ended the call and focused on my lesson plans.


It was already twelve in the morning, and I was still up!


Now I know how hard it is to be a teacher.








Thats mean me amoire. Why did you––


Get straight to the point, or Ill cut you again.”


“. . .”


Adnan sighed after a short silence. Me Queen seems to be in a bad mood. But thats okay since Im here now, informing you that I arrived in New Haven. Maybe we can have some fun tomorrow?


You disturbed me in the middle of the night just to say that?


Of course! Because you are me bride to be, Im informing you first of my arrival!


I massaged my temple as I clamped my mouth shut. It was useless to argue against the obnoxious Prince. I was an idiot to even think he would understand my sarcasm.




This is an opportunity!


“. . . Emery, you are me shining star that guides me lonely desolate heart. Me moon––


Adnan, are you free this Saturday?


Eh? This Saturday? Of course, I am! I am a free man! Everything of me is free when it comes to yo––


Great, meet me at Golf course A at eight.”


I ended the call without letting him answer back. Any more of those frivolous words and I swear –– I will smash my phone!


I sighed and closed my eyes for a quick power nap.


It did not take a minute, and I was already dreaming what I always dreamed since the day I saw that pretty young boy with deep brown eyes.

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