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Chapter 20: Crashing In


Youre late. Your class was supposed to end ten minutes ago!


Jennifer stared daggers at the approaching man.


Im sorry. The professor spoke to me about something. He said if I wanted to attend a seminar this Saturday––


You cant! You already promised me well go golfing with my friends this Saturday! Jennifer hissed, not letting the man back off.


Lance sat in front of her, looking all hopeful.


Currently, they were taking their lunch in the school cafeteria.

Well, the thing is, the seminar starts at four. Maybe after the golf, I can go there––




Realizing that her tone was harsh, Jennifer forced a smile that was a bit askew as she made her voice soft. Lance, baby. After that, well have lunch and go shopping, remember?


Maybe we can postpone the shopping and do it on the Sunday?


Lance, you know its my pampered day every Sunday. I have a scheduled skincare and hair treatment that day. You already gave me your word.” Jennifer crossed her arms and pursed her lips, looking all upset.


At the sight of her who was about to cry, Lance was overcome with guilt. Youre right . . . I already gave my word . . . Im sorry.”


. . .


. . .


Hey, Im sorry . . . alright . . . ? he coaxed, but Jennifer continued to ignore him.


After a minute, Jennifer peeked at Lance, who was in a pleading state, and her lips quirked in a smile until he reached for his bag and brought out lunch boxes.


I cooked your favorites today.”


Lance was all smiles as he prepared the lunch boxes on the table. He didnt notice his girlfriends face was turning darker and darker.


Lance, what are you doing? Jennifer whispered with an edgy tone as she glanced left and right. Her face was red with embarrassment.




Lance paused and looked bewildered at Jennifers behavior.


I told you not to bring lunch boxes,” Jennifer hissed and snapped, Its embarrassing!


Lance didnt forget, but he thought it was a while that they ate his home cook meals. I thought that . . . since today is your cheat day, I could cook your favorite meals.”


Lance ignored his girlfriend and opened the lunch boxes containing all of Jennifers favorite food.


Jennifers perfectly shaped eyebrows burrowed in one line.


What is this? Are you trying to infuriate me more?


Lance look over at Jennifer when he didnt understand why she was so angry.


Jennifer rolled her eyes at Lances oblivious face. I gained four pounds, Lance. Four freakin pounds in a month. Do you think I have the right for a cheat day?


Jennifer gave him a face and gaped at him like he was an idiot.


Sighing, Lance didnt know why gaining four pounds was a bad thing like she was about to die. He didnt like Jennifer going on about diets because the girl was already skinny enough. He was afraid shed get sick from too much dieting. Thus, he woke up early to prepare healthy meals for her with meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits.


Too worn up to argue with her, he conceded. Ill order a salad for you then.”


No need. I wont be eating lunch starting today.” Jennifer shifted her head in a stubborn stance, not looking at the hateful man.


Lance took a deep sigh. He knew that Jennifer was only angry at the moment.


Ill buy her something later.


He pulled the boxes and was about to cover it to place it back in his bag when a loud crash startled them.

I heard Lance and Jennifers entire conversation.


The two did not notice I was sitting at a table behind theirs since the backrest of the couch covered all the way to the nape.


No one noticed me.


I contacted Violet for information about the seminar Lance wanted to attend while refraining from grabbing something sharp to murder the ungrateful girl when she brushed Lances homemade meals.


Then an idea popped in my head. I stood from my chair. Holding my tray of untouched food, I walked towards their table and accidentally tripped, and the food flew all over in the air before it scattered on the ground.




Em! Are you alright?


I did not expect that Lance would be the first to come to my side.


Honestly, I thought he did not care.


Y-yeah . . . b-but my food . . .”


I bit my lower lip, looking all dejected at the scattered foods on the floor. Then with slow, yet deliberate movement, I looked at a specific target with longing in my eyes.


Lance noticed the direction to where I was staring, and with a somewhat reluctant voice, he offered, You can have mine. I made to mu––!


He did not finish his sentence when I went to their table and sat on the same chair as him, ignoring the plastic smile on Jennifers face.


Lance did not expect me to act so brazen as he stood frozen on his spot –– unsure of what to do. Maybe he thought I would just accept his lunch boxes and scurry off. Not exactly eat together with them.


Thinking it would be awkward to shoo me away in front of the onlookers curios gazes, he sat next to Jennifer after he called for a janitor to clean my mess. He was clearly avoiding sitting beside me.


I maintained my professional smile even though all I wanted to do was grab a knife and stabbed it on Jennifers smug face.

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