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Chapter 2: Happy2x Dance




Lance raised his eyes and met mine before his forehead crumpled like I was a person he did not want to see.


He gave me a slight nod before he sauntered into the vending machine near the waiting lobby.


After Leanna Lees family came and Zhander forced us home to give the family some time together, I pretended to move along and hurried back to this hospital after Zhander was gone. I was waiting here in the guest lobby, contemplating whether I should barge my way into Leannas room when God answered my prayers.


Uhmm . . . I wanted to thank you for last time,” I started, clasping my hands behind my back while looking all expectant beside him.


I realized for the first time that I finally took a liking at someone besides my family –– I actually like this boy!


I did not know what to do, so I let my heart and brain handle it. And for the first time, they coordinated in harmony.

Lance remained quiet and pretended I was air as he drank his orange-flavored soda.


I took a mental note that my favorite soda flavor from now on is orange.


What do you say if I treat you to dinner? You know, for helping me at that time? I said, fumbling my fingers behind my back, calming my nerves.


I could not believe this would happen to me one day.




Emery Jansen.


So this is what it feels like when talking to someone you like.


I could not look him in the eyes, and I could not stop myself from smiling.


Lance breathe a sigh before his dead eyes locked on mine.


What is your name, lady?


I was caught off guard by his sudden question that my mind blanked out.


E-Em . . . Em . . .”


Em-Em? He raised a brow. Thats a weird name. Anyway, Lady Em . . . I . . . you . . . the . . .”


My mind did not register what he said as it stuck on the words Em.


D-did he just . . . gave me a nickname?


I suppressed a squeal when a rush of giddy feelings flooded me. I wanted to move my body to relieve it from too much happiness.


Hey! Did you hear what I said?


Lances annoyed voice snapped me out from my thoughts, but I did not mind since even his irritated tone sounded musical in my ears.


W-what?I stammered, and he sighed in defeat.


I said, you have a damsel in distress syndrome,” he said, looking at me straight in the eyes. Im not your hero and wont ever be. You dont owe me anything.”


B-but even so . . . I still wanted to repay you,” I insisted.


He clicked his tongue, voice loud enough to pass as a mumble, “If I know youre going to be this difficult, I shouldnt have given you that card in the first place. Saves me the trouble.”


. . .


. . .




Im sorry . . . I did not mean to bother you.” My head lowered, looking all apologetic.


. . .


. . .


*sigh . . .


Fairies Pastries,” he said.




I heard that its popular around here,” he nonchalantly added.


. . .


. . .


My face lit up from the realization. 


I will buy it now and deliver it to you immediately!


Not now! Its already late. Go home, woman.”


He turned and sauntered towards the hospital room where Leanna was confined.


T-then tomorrow! I shouted, my voice eager and tone high pitched, not minding I was in a hospital.


Suit yourself.”


He did not look at me as he waved his hand goodbye.


. . .


. . .


When he went inside the room, I made a fist and jumped.



(Play Video)


Unable to contain the overwhelming joy mixed with all sorts of exhilarating feelings, my fingers balled in the air as my hips wiggled side to side. From now on, it would be my happy-happy dance.


You do realize this is a hospital, right?


I froze. Like everything turned slow, my head shifted towards that voice.


It was like in one of those horror films where you were shocked with a wrinkled face of an old lady with hollowed eyes –– that kind of dreadful feeling.


Lances serious face was peeking out from the door. The corner of his lips was skewed up a little. He seemed to be suppressing his laughter.


He saw me!

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