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Chapter 17: Too Late


All became a blur, and before I knew it, my body flew towards him in an embrace. My head rubbed on his neck as my hands wrapped around him tight.


. . .


. . .


Uhmm . . . ah . . . its nice to see you too . . .” Lance detached my arms from his body and looked at me with a blank expression.


What are you doing here, Em? Did you flunk a year and had to repeat?


My cheeks burned red at his annoyed voice.


I-I . . .”


I stared at his questioning eyes, unsure of what to say at seeing his expressionless face.


He is not happy to see me!


Come on.”


Lance motioned his head to follow him when he noticed all eyes were on us.


He walked ahead, leaving me rooted on my spot as my brain was messaging my heart to give up.


What are you doing?


Lance turned around to find me unmoving on my spot. He took long strides back and grabbed my hand, pulling me along with him.


Move, woman!


I did not mind his angry voice.


I did not mind he was walking too fast that my stilettoes tried hard not to make me trip.


I did not mind.


All that matter was . . .


He is holding my hand!


I wanted to do my happy-happy dance right at this moment.

I-Im . . . Im currently teaching music here . . . ,” I mumbled. I was like a fresh grad, doing her first job interview in front of her soon to be boss.


Hmm . . . ,” Lance hummed in response as he browsed the menu with an uninterested face. I see.  What would you like? My treat.”


He put down the menu, but his gaze was still stuck in the selection of foods.


Honestly, I did not spare even a tiny bit of attention at the menu as my eyes never wavered on his lovely face.


The way his long lashes fluttered while his face serious, looking down at the carte du jour. His facial muscles tightened and loosened. His deep brown eyes, staring at me with irritation.


. . .


. . .


! ! ! !


W-what? I blinked at his vacant face.


I said, what would you like?


His voice was clear and a little deep. Even though irritated, I still found myself bewitched by his hypnotic voice.


I-I will be having what you will be having.”


My fingers fumbled on top of my lap as I lowered my head when my cheeks burned in embarrassment.


I must look like a love-struck fangirl in his eyes.


Lance raised his hand, and the waiter took his orders.


Currently, we were in a restaurant near the university.


Lance held his tilted head as his face looked bored. Em, are you still infatuated with me? he asked after a minute of staring on my face.


My head snapped at him. My eyes widened as my mouth opened.


He knows?!


You dont have to be so surprised. You made it look so obvious, you know.”


I bit my lip and lowered my head again. Not knowing how to face him. I always forgot that I am Emery Jansen in front of him. One of the worlds wealthiest and influential.


An intelligent and talented woman.


A beautiful, stunning lady who was the envy of every female and dreamed by every man.


When facing him . . . I was just a regular teenage hormonal girl who was experiencing her first love.


Give up. Im already going out with someone.”


Lances indifferent voice made me stare at him, and that familiar sting pricked my eyes.


Is it Jennifer Brane? I whispered.


Lance was surprised before he nodded.


. . .


. . .


Ah . . . Im too late . . .


Well, it was expected since the last diary entry was already a month ago.


I smiled bitterly at myself when my heart still refused to give up.


Em, youre a beautiful woman. Go find someone who deserves you.”


My eyes stung, looking down at my clenching hands. I bit my lips to held my sobs as I shook my head, refusing to give up.

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