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Chapter 16: Lance


When my morning and only class finish for the day, I grabbed my bag and shoved my things inside, and walked out of the room, ignoring some students who wanted to get acquainted with me.


The music and culinary buildings were not far from each other. The music building was at the east beside the dance department, and the culinary building was at the west side beside the art building.


It was a ten-minute walk (if I hurry) from here to there, and all the way, I passed all the buildings, the mini-parks, the gym, the hall, and the cafeteria until I arrived at the place.

I walked past the entrance lobby, and the line of lockers and went straight to Lances classroom.


Since I spent four years of my life in this school, I knew Artem like the back of my hand. The laboratory and kitchen were on the uppermost floor, and the lecture rooms were at the lower levels.


I already knew his schedule. In the morning, he was on the uppermost floor in the kitchen, so I made my way there. My feet stopped when I was meters away from the room.


I was all giddy and excited, but now that I was actually here –– I didnt want to continue anymore.


W-what if he does not want to see me?


W-what if he had forgotten all about me?!


The fear ate every courage I had. I step and turned, making a scram for it when the doors flung open and came pouring out teenage boys and girls.


My mind went blank at the sudden surprise.


T-the bell has not even rung yet! W-why did his class ended?!


I wanted to run and get the hell out of here –– fast, but my body did not respond as my heart and feelings took over when my brain blanked out –– wanted to see him so badly.


The crowds walked passed me, looking all curious with adoring eyes. Some even stopped to take a good look. Others huddled around trying to grab my attention, but all my eyes could see was a young, lean muscled youth about five feet seven inches in height with earphones dangling around his neck. His short silver hair glistened under the morning light. His long thick lashes were fluttering as his brown eyes were deep and focused on his phone. The contour of his face was prominently eye-catching. The thin lips became sensual as his high sharp nose complemented everything.


He became entirely different from when he was a boy. The way he carried himself in full indifference and confidence. Like a high noble that everyone wanted to please. Wanted to do anything just to see his smile.

Lance . . .

Although I already saw Lawrence, he and Lance were entirely different in my eyes.


A completely different person.


An entirely different charisma and personality.


He seemed to be shining, and only him filled all my vision –– not seeing anyone else.


Only him.


Before I knew it, I was in front of him, blocking his way  –– again.


He raised his head with a frown on his lovely face, and his deep brown eyes shone with surprise at the sight of me.


Em . . . ?

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