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Chapter 14: Resolve


After I took a bath, I slumped on my bed and flipped the bundle of papers Lawrence gave me.


August XX 20XX

I went to Izu island to close the deal of Casa Montaña and bumped into a tall, gorgeous woman.


My eyes bulged. T-this is!


A copy of his DIARY?!


I scanned the pages. Judging from the random dates, I bet Lawrence only gave me Lances selected diary pages.


She was homeless, so I took pity and gave her my brothers reserved room.

I regretted that.


I laughed despite the rejection.

August XX 20XX

My sister got herself injured, so we rushed in New Haven. Then I finally found who my brothers mystery lover was. It turned out, she was the peacock girl who was stalking me from Las Vegas to Izu Island.


Also, the homeless girl was there.

I didnt know she knew my sister.

It didnt escape my notice that she likes me.

Must be a damsel in distress syndrome.

She gave me her name, Em-Em.

Weird name.



September XX 20XX

Its our birthday today. I wasnt excited since sis wasnt here.

Though I was shocked to find Em and Zoe in our house and even more surprised that Em could play the violin so beautifully that I embarrassingly lost myself.

I didnt understand why she ran off, though.

Even if I didnt like her, it didnt mean that I hated her, so I was worried and wanted to chase after her, but Jennifer held my arm.

I forgot everything else when she finally said yes.

Best birthday gift ever!

While my parents and brother were not thrilled with it. I didnt know why theyre so against with Jennifer. Shes a sweet and kind girl. Like sister.

But then I felt guilty when I saw Ems gift.

It was a potpourri with a panda clumsily stitched on it.

Did she do it herself?

The embroidery was wrongly done.

I love the smell, though.

Is it her smell?



November XX 20XX

Jennifer and I were together for a month now.

My friends helped me with arranging a romantic, cozy dinner under a large tree at a park near our school. I cooked her favorites and bought her this ring she so wanted for days now.

I was a bit nervous, so I brought out my Pandem. The potpourri Em gave me.

I named it with the combination of Em and panda.

Corny, I know.

I sniffed it to make me feel relax.

It always worked like magic.

Then she came.

Pretty as always.

Full of smiles, showing her dimples.

Her smile grew wider as I handed her the ring.

She kissed me in happiness until she saw our food.

It turned out, ever since weve gotten together, she wanted to cut down carbs.

So, guess whose pets were having the best meal of their life today?

December XX 20XX

It was two years since Jennifer and I were together.

It wasnt a smooth relationship since we have our differences, and I was always busy these past few months. But we managed to talk things through.

I was happy when my sister said to bring Jennifer home to spend Christmas eve.

I got to say. It took a whole week of convincing for Jennifers family to agree to let their daughter spend Christmas eve in our home.

After the hearty, somewhat awkward dinner, I accompanied Jennifer back to her place.

When I returned home, my sister said she also didnt like her.

I couldnt say I was disappointed, although my sister didnt ask to break up much to my relief.

I somehow hoped sis could see how sweet Jennifer is . . .


She might be spoiled, but she had the right to be spoiled by me.

She might act all rude and childish, but thats how she is.

She might argue with me on a lot of things that shes not contented with, and she always tells me what to do, and . . .

Sigh . . .

Ill stop writing now.



July XX 20XX

Jennifer and I were back together again. She compromised that she would change and be more considerate towards me.

But I didnt mind at all.

Just that, the way she stared at me reminded me so much of my sister that I couldnt stand her being all pleading and sad like that.

I knew I still like her, so I agreed to get back together.



March XX 20XX

I lost count of how many times Jennifer and I broke up and gotten back, but this was the last time.

It was nearing graduation, and she was furious when I didnt follow her command to take business management course in college.

She wanted me to put up a company of my own, saying its not enough just to be a celebrity and do gigs and investments here and there.

I understand her worry.

I mean.

Shes only concerned about our future, right?

Shes anxious and afraid that I couldnt give her the life she wanted.

The life she deserves.

But I didnt want to study business, for I wanted to pursue cooking for the obvious reason that I love to cook.

She went wild.

Thus, I suggested a truce.

After I graduate from culinary, Ill take the business course at Harvard.

She wasnt happy.

She stomped her feet and walked out on me.

Well, I guess thats that then.



June XX 20XX

I was very excited to start my university life in Artem.

Theyre the best when it comes to any arts.

This was also where my sister graduated.

Though a little sad about my brother. He chose Zephyr Academy since he was pretty much into computers.

Good thing our school was just a few hundred meters apart. I could visit him anytime.

Were also staying in my sisters condo in Azure Sky, but its just Lawrence and me at the moment since my beautiful, kind, caring sister was kidnapped and being monopolized by a demon she called a husband.

I sniffed my Pandem and entered the Universitys hall, and Jennifers pretty face greeted me.

Honestly, I didnt know shed be attending Artem University. She always said shed be enrolling in Julliards.

Some parts of me still like her, but the other parts didnt want anything to do with her.

I dont want too much drama in my life right now since Im very busy with our investments and sidelines. Not to mention school.

I hope she wont approach me and plead to get back together because, honestly, I dont know what Id do.

I cant stand seeing her sad.


. . .


. . .


I closed my eyes after some time of staring on the papers without blinking.


Now I know why Lawrence was begging me to save his brother.


Lance really needs saving!


I could not believe I fell in love with a guy that had severe sister complex.


Rotten Milk!


I grabbed my phone and dialed a number.


My lady?


Violet answered on the other side of the phone.


Contact Artem. Tell them I want to become a music teacher there.”


“. . .”


“. . .”


Do it now.”


I ended the call, not letting Violet retort back.


Rotten Milk!


I gave up and did not pursue because I thought he would be happy with that girl.


But this time for sure.


I will have him for myself!

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