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Chapter 13: Favor


Calm down,” Lawrence said and motioned for me to sit down when I was about to storm out and dragged him with me to where Lance was.


He stifled an awkward laugh as he said, Sorry. Sorry. It came out all wrong. Nothing . . . happened to him.”


I glared at him and remained on my feet.


Lance is alright,” he urged.


Only did my body relaxed, and I slumped back on my chair.


Start from the beginning,” I commanded.

Right. Actually . . . The reason why Im here is . . . I want you to save Lance from the evil clutches of that witch, Jennifer. My parents already warned him time and time again that they dont like her because shes evil, but he wont listen! And I was too busy these past few years––!


Wait. Wait. Wait.”


I held my forehead at the sudden onslaught of news that Lance was still in love with that girl.


Ah . . . that familiar pain again.


I looked at Lawrence straight in the eyes. “You want me . . . to steal Lance from someone he likes?


He nodded in full smiles. That sums it up.”


All of a sudden, I wanted to commit murder and break everything on sight.


Mr. Lee, what do you take me for? Why would I want to snatch him from the girl he likes?


I glared at Lawrence, warning him of his next words, or he would not leave this office unscathed.


Lawrence sighed in defeat. Youre right . . . Im sorry.”


Lawrence lowered his head and avoided my eyes as he rubbed the back of his head.  I thought that . . . maybe if you knew that Lance is miserable and unhappy with her, you would help.”


. . .


. . .




It was like my body was thrown into the pool of eternal youth –– I never felt so alive!


This guy should say these kinds of things from the start!


What do you mean? Can you expound more? Why would he be in a relationship with her if he is not happy?


Lawrences eyes shone when he saw my eager face. He rubbed his nose before he narrated, “Well, let me tell you the whole story since four years ago. When you left our house that day, running and crying and––


Alright, let us skip the unimportant events and go straight to the important parts,” I strongly interjected.


Youre right. So, after you left, theyve gotten together. My parents and I were against it, but didnt pressure him to break up with her because sooner or later he will realize that the girl doesnt love him and only wants his fame and money.”


Why does she wants Lances money? I heard she is rich.”


Frowning, Lawrence licked his lips. Yeeaaahh . . . They may be rich, but the entire family is materialistic. It runs in the blood. That witch already asks this and that from her parents, but shes still not satisfied and asks Lance to buy her many things. My sister also intervened two years ago, and they broke up.”


Praise you, Leanna!


But, it was only months.” Lawrence shrugged a little. That witch pleaded for them to get back and that idiot brother of mine just cant say no to her.”




I questioned, but I think I already knew the answer.


Lawrence let out a deep sigh before he lowered his red face, embarrassed by his next words.


Well, you probably already know that we have a sister complex, right? Lance has it worse. Since when we were small, it was our sister who took care, played and sang to us since our parents were too busy. As a result, Lance has this kind of undying loyalty and devotion to sis.”


I rolled my eyes. Obviously.


And with these facts, we know he only courted that witch for the reason that she looks so much like our sister. So he cant say no to her because its like saying no to our sis.” Lawrence took deep breathes after he finished talking.  He then sighed again, heavier than the last.


Why not ask your sister again?


We did, but sis refused, saying she didnt want to influence Lance decisions. And besides, I dont want to disturb her honeymoon. She already has her hands full with that demon terrorizing her every day.”


. . .


. . .

Why me exactly? Im sure there are many who have feelings for Lance. And why now? If I remembered correctly, a long time ago, you warned me to give up on him.”


Lawrence shot me a sheepish smile.


Well, yeeaahh . . . I tried approaching other girls who fancy Lance. Buuuut . . . none of them passed the first screening.”


First . . .” My brows rolled up as my eyelids dropped. Screening . . . ?


Lawrences lips hooked up in a shy smile as he rubbed his nose. Well, there is this . . . test. The girl must be able to recognize us apart, and all of them failed miserably. Until you, that is.”


. . .


. . .


I did not say anything and just murdered him with my expressionless face and piercing cold glares.


Lawrence cleared his throat and ran his fingers through his hair.


Alright,” he said, followed by an awkward laugh before his face turned serious. I know Ive warned you before, but it was at that time when we thought that Lance would notice how evil Jennifer is. I wanted Lance to mature as he deals with his emotions like a man after he realized that witch was just using him, and you coming into the picture wouldnt help at the current situation. Thats why I chased you away. Sorry bout that.”


And honestly, I wouldnt be here right now before you if the situation didnt call for it. It took me a long while because aside from I was busy with stuffs . . . I was too ashamed to approach you. But now . . .”


Lawrence stared at me with pleading eyes as his voice was a bit helpless. Emery . . . Please . . . I know hes a jerk and cold sometimes, but hes a nice guy. That Jennifer doesnt deserve him.


. . .


. . .


I took a deep breath and stared into his brown eyes. “Lawrence . . . maybe Lance is already . . . happy with her.”


I forced the words out that I continuously told myself these past years, so I would not chaste after him.


Youre wrong! Lawrence protested with a strong tone. I know my brother. I know deep inside, hes miserable. Please . . . Emery, you have to help him.”


Lawrence pleaded, and he almost went down on his knees, if not for my hand, which motioned for him to stop.


Lawrence . . . is this not unfair? I smiled at him with furrowed brows. You are practically asking me to be hurt again.” I pinched my arm to hold back the tears as my voice cracked.


. . .


. . .


Lawrence stared at me for a long period of time before he sighed and slowly stood from his chair. He put his hands inside his pockets and smiled that did not reach his downcast eyes.


Youre right . . . Im sorry. Its been four years after all. I assumed that . . . you still love my brother.”


My eyebrows twitched as my long lashes fluttered, holding the tears that were threatening to fall.


Could you do me a favor and read this? He reached for his messenger bag and handed me a bundle of papers.


What is this?


I was about to flip the first page when Lawrences panic voice stopped me.


Read it later. Please . . . ?


I wanted to know, but all I manage was a nod at his begging expression.


He shot me a smile before he said his goodbyes and went out of my office without looking back.

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