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Chapter 12: Rotten Milk


Okay . . .


Hair. Checked.


Face. Checked.


Chest. Checked.


Waist. Checked.


Butt and legs. Checked.


I rechecked my appearance again.


I was wearing a body-hugging charcoal color halter dress, tantalizing my D cup size breasts paired with black platform shoes.


My breasts were not this big when I started college –– must be from all those milk I consumed that it got this big.


It felt like I was going to a ball than a meeting!


It was already five when my stylist finished dolling me, and after that, I was too anxious at just sitting in my office that I have to recheck my appearance again and again. Then Violet announced that Lance was already outside my office and my accumulated composure came tumbling down.


I do not want to see him,” I said with a straight blank face.

The anxiety, fear, and awkwardness of seeing him again won by a landslide! Above it all –– I could not take even the slightest thought of rejection from him.


Violet shook her head and grabbed me by the arm, dragging my limp body out from my office bedroom and into my office proper.


She seated me on my chair before patting my head, whispering, You can do this.”


She then left for the door, signaling with her hand that she would be back with Lance in five seconds.


What! Im not ready!


I was like a statue, just sitting there –– unmoving.


Five seconds, right?


Five seconds, right?


Why do I feel like I was waiting for eternity?






The door opened and came in a pretty young man in his three-piece suit.


Hello, Emery. Its nice to see you again,” he said with a refreshing voice as he flashed me a charming smile, showing his perfect white teeth.


. . .


. . .


*sigh . . .


Rotten Milk!


Hello, Lawrence. It is nice to see you too.”


Lawrence was surprised for a moment. Then he gave me a killer smile.


Well, thats no fun. I was hoping I had fooled you and get an intimate hug or kiss.”


My eyebrow rose. “Does Zoe know that you are flirting with another woman behind her back?


Lawrence stood straight, looking alarmed. He took long strides and sat in front of me.


Please dont tell her. Our relationship is already complicated enough.”


I suppressed a smile at the sight of his cute pleading face and large puppy eyes.


Let us get down to business. I heard you wanted to invest in Azuela Cove,” I said, changing the topic.


Yes, do you have the contract? I can sign it now.”


I looked at him for a moment. The small pretty boy at that time had grown into a fine young man.


I wonder how Lance is.


I shook the idea out of my head and got back to the main point. Lawrence seemed to have other agendas besides investing in Azuela Cove. But even so, I handed the contract to him, and he signed it within seconds.


Arent you going to read it first? I asked.


No need. I know I can trust you with my money.”


Lawrence arranged the papers and handed them back to me before he turned all serious. Actually . . . Im here for another reason besides this.”


I tucked the folder aside before crossing my fingers on top of the table. Let us hear it.”


Lawrences Adams apple bobbled as his serious face turned frantic.


Please, youre the only one who can help my brother! You have to help Lance!




My body was engulfed with panic upon learning that Lance was in trouble, and I shot to my feet, slamming my palms against the table.


What happened to him?!

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