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Chapter 11: Meeting Again


Violet, what is my schedule for today?


I asked, eyes never leaving the mountains of proposals on my table.


We were at Tower One in my private office at the top floor where the Jansens offices were located.


Violet swiped her tablet and said, “At nine, you have a meeting with the Design and Development team about Azuela Cove phase two. At eleven, you have a lunch meeting with chief Brullini to test out dishes for a new menu. At two in the afternoon, you have a meeting with Prince Adnan Sahid on the new venture of developing a barren land in Verunian. At four, you have a meeting with Mr. Clyde Lockard for a joint venture of opening a new port in Russia. At six . . .” Violet paused before she cleared her throat and continued, Mr. Lance Lee specifically requested an audience with you. He wanted to invest in Azuela Cove phase three residential.”


. . .


. . .






My neck strained at the sudden movement as I stared over at Violet.


I must have heard it wrong.


At nine you have a meeting––


No! The last one!


My voice was strained as my face.


Violet ignored my unladylike reaction and continued with an unperturbed expression. At six, Lance Lee asked for an audience––


L-lance Lee? As in, THE Lance Lee? I repeated, unsure with eyes wide as I bolted to Violets side.


I could no longer remain calm, not believing that he wanted to see me after all these years!


My lady––!


I snatched the tablet from Violets hands and stared at those two words. Making sure all the spelling, the letters were correct and secretly praying that Violet did not mispronounce.


. . .


. . .


It was his name . . .


It is really him, isnt it?


I mean, what was the possibility of having the same name?


Why is it that Im only informed with this just now?


Lance Lee was supposed to be scheduled after a month. It was your grandfather who pushed his name on todays schedule.”


What! Why? Without my consent?!


Cancel all my appointments.”




It was Violets turn to lost her cool.


Cancel all my appointments except the one I have with . . . w-with . . . ,” I bit my lip, L-lance . . .”


. . .


. . .


As you wish.” Violet did not say anything more as she shot me a knowing smile before she sauntered out of my office.


Oh! And . . . !


Violet stopped and faced me upon my high pitched voice.


My head lowered as my expression was nonchalant. Contact our stylist and have our private spa ready.”


I pretended to arranged the files on my table when I spot Violets teasing eyes before she entirely left the room.


When she was gone, all strength left me. I extended my hands on top of the table to support myself as I breathed in my mouth when I felt so much livelier and needed much more oxygen.


Some part of me felt overwhelming excitement at meeting Lance again. But there was also another part that was afraid to get hurt like that again.


What if . . . what if . . . they are still together?


Part of why I did not want to know any information about Lance was because I knew any related information about him could either send me to heaven or push me to hell.


After that day, I was traumatized by that painful, bone-breaking, and life-threatening emotions.


I could still feel the aftermath of it all.


The devastation I was in after that day.


I did not want to experience it again.


. . . But . . . No matter shattered and broken, my heart somehow managed to paste itself anew at the idea of meeting him once more.


You can do this.


You can do this.


He is just here to do business, nothing more.


I kept calming myself and breathed more deeply because it felt like my brain could no longer take the idea of meeting him. Like any moment, it would give up on me.


Calm down.


Calm down.


Think of this as a perfect opportunity to end things with him. Maybe because I never got over him because I did not have the chance to tell him my feelings and did not have the chance to hear his reply.


That is right.


I read these kinds of things on the net. To move on, you have to end your feelings with the person properly, face to face.


Just tell him your feelings and let him properly reject you.




. . .


. . .


I wonder how he looks right now. He must have gotten taller.


Even though the twins continually appeared on TV, newspapers, and magazines, I made sure not to look. The torturous temptation of finding out his matured face wanted me to storm and kill Jennifer and ignore everything else and take him for myself.


But I did not.


I preserved.


My will is strong.


. . . I just hope my will stays strong later.


. . .


. . .


Panic rushed in again.


And we are back to square one.

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