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Chapter 10: Time


Four Years Later


Ah . . . Emery, your beauty is like the moon that shines high above the starless night. Mysterious and it never fails to light up me lonely heart. The sun, who rises and gives warmth to me being. Wherever you went, flowers bloom, birds sing praises. The––!


That is sweet Adnan, but try not to say your pick up lines every time we meet,” I cut in.


My attention then flickered at the speaker on the stage, ignoring the Verunian Prince altogether who was sitting beside me.


Verunian country was a small island in the south. Rich with minerals and oils and have strong military prowess led by King Alric Sahid and soon to be crowned Prince Adnan Sahid. The Kings firstborn son from his Queen.


We were at the opening of Azuela Coves dinner party. Zhander, my cousins project. I was supposed to be seated at a reserved for family only table. But as expected, this eccentric Prince did not understand the concept of privacy.


Ah! Emery! You wound me! Those are not pick up lines. Those are my confessions of love for you, me sweet.”


I sighed and finally spared him a look.


His glowing amber eyes caught me in awe. It never failed to amaze me on how his eyes could be so . . .


. . . enchanting.


A strong breathtaking contrast against his dark skin and golden hair. High sharp nose and sensual lips. A tall, well-built, masculine man.


Adnan Sahid, the Verunian Prince.

Try repeating it again after you break up with those dozens of men and women you hook up with.” I kept my voice even to let him know his charms did not have any effects on me.


Ah! Me love. Dont be jealous! Those are just flings! Nothing serious!


Adnan reached for my hand, which I quickly placed under the table, above my lap.


His lips rose in a lazy grin, not one bit offended with my rejection.


Emery, me love! You are the only one for me. Me future wife to be. Me one and only. Me Princess! Me Queen!


I tried really hard not to roll my eyes and say names and curses.


Someone has to be mature in this conversation.




Adnan eyelids twitched and shot a glare at the other man beside me.


Sorry . . . *smirk . . . sorry.”


Clyde pretended to fix his necktie and flashed a lazy smile at the Prince.


Clyde Lockard, heir to the giant LCK shipping empire.


His mix blood of Asian and European was evident in his silky black hair, porcelain smooth white skin, and striking translucent grey eyes.

Very pretty.


More pretty than most of the women I knew.


Who gave you the right to sit here? Adnan raised his head, sizing Clyde with mockery beneath the friendliness in his smile.


Clyde beamed with a fake smile. I have to make sure Emery dear here remains pure. I dont want her tainted by evil influences.”


Who are you calling an evil influence? Adnan said with a smile that was a tad bit forced as he glanced left and right.


I dont know. Its certainly not me nor Emery dear. Thats for sure . . . ,” Clyde countered.


It was only the three of us who were sitting at my family reserved table since they were busy entertaining the guests, and I was given the unfortunate task of entertaining the Prince and the He Princess.


Though the two have smiles on their faces, their eyes, however, were throwing daggers at each other.


Excuse me.” I broke their cold war and went into the toilet.


You know, there happens to be a table reserved for you. With a looser written on it.”


Funny you mentioned it because there are lines of waiters that have the same dress as you, so you better hop to it. They seem to need an extra hand.”


My eyes rolled on my way to the toilet as their bickering intensified. Those two were some of the men who courted me since college and the ones who still persisted until today. I already graduated from Artem University four months ago.


I could not say I was happy since both men were frivolous and flirty in nature.


And . . .


Hey! Have you heard?! The twins are taking their college in New Haven!


Yeah! If I only knew, I should have studied in New Haven instead!


I stopped munching my snacks inside the cubicle. My stoic face wavered at the mention of twins.’


I hope I can see one of them in person.”


Just see? How about bed?!






. . .


. . .

It was a while that the giggling girls left the toilet, and yet, I remained too stunned. Not even minding that my snacks fell on the ground.


These past few years, I kept myself busy with school and helping with the family business. But no matter how hard I tried, I could not get Lance out of my system.


Well, how could I? These past few years, the twins became popular. So popular, they practically swept the whole world, defeating even veteran celebrities!


The first time they made their appearance on TV was to promote their restaurants two years ago, and they became a phenomenon. People love them, maybe because they were both breathtakingly beautiful and down to earth. They knew how to sing, dance, and . . .


. . . their twins.


But they were never into acting. They appeared on media to promote their businesses and products, and sometimes, commercials. They also did modeling if they were up to it.


Even our company wanted to contract with them to promote our brands.


But I was so against it.


I knew I should not mix feelings with business, but I could not help myself.


Im still hurt even now.

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