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Chapter 1: That Boy


Emery, Im sorry I have to take a detour. Leanna was confined,” Zhander, my cousin, said in all seriousness. He fetched me from our private airport when I arrived in New Haven from Izu Island.


I did not bother to ride with the other students since they were constricted with time. I did not like it if I had to rush myself when I was enjoying buying snacks. Thus, I let the others went ahead without me and rode my plane going back to New Haven instead.


Leanna Lee,” I mumbled.


How did she hurt herself?


I just saw her a while ago in Izu island buying souvenirs.


I nodded and did not say anything more. I grabbed a vanilla coated creamy cheese biscuit and munched.


I already heard a lot about Leanna Lee from my grandfather and father and Zhander. It was not a secret to me that Zhander was once interested in the girl, but I always knew he and Estela Fay would end together. I also knew Leanna Lee was going out with the elusive, sought after bachelor, Cain Fay.


I finished a whole box of biscuits when we arrived at the hospital where Leanna was confined. I hurried to catch Zhander when he zoomed all the way to Leannas room.



Estela shouted and hugged Zhander the moment she saw him.


I smiled when this handsome cousin of mine blushed –– hard.


This is a first.


Zhander never blushed and never lost his cool –– until now that is.


I also saw Zoe Collin, looking all worried with tears in her eyes while Cain Fay was sitting beside Leanna Lee, holding her hand. His back was facing us.


Leannas half-face was covered with bandages, and her right leg was plastered. Her limbs were painted in bruises and cuts.


What happened to her?


I did not expect that the first time we met each other, she was unconscious, lying half-dead on a hospital bed.


No one cared for my sudden intrusion as everyones eyes were on the unconscious girl.


What happened? Is she going to be alright?


Zhander broke the silence as he asked in a low voice. All of a sudden, the temperature dropped to terrifying degrees. I felt that a calamity would befall us soon.


Estela smiled that didnt reach her eyes, looking all guilty. Zhander, Leanna is going to be alright. Ill tell you about it later.”


Zhander did not press anymore as he comforted Estela when her tears fell on her cheeks. It made me feel like it was her fault that Leanna ended like this.


I clamped my mouth shut and reached for my purse. Since my mother was always concerned about image, etiquette, and all that, I hid snacks inside my bag and learned a technique that allowed me to eat without being discovered. I grabbed my hanky and hid the snack in it as I pretended to tap away the invincible sweat on my nose while shooting the snack in my mouth.


Since biscuits and other delicacies made crunching sounds when chewed, I had to settle for something that melted on my palate.


Ah . . . heaven.


My eyes closed, savoring the melting vanilla chocolate.




I almost choked when Leannas screams pierced the stillness.


I swallowed my chocolate as my eyes widened in surprise when Cain Fay, dubbed as a cold man, coaxed Leanna nonstop with a voice so soft my brain refused to believe it was his. And moments later, they were both lost in their love world, completely forgetting that we were here.


Afterward, the tense dead atmosphere lightened at Zoes shameless antics, and my lips curved up as I looked at the heartwarming scene.




I glanced at the door when out of the blue, a distressed voice echoed and bounced along inside the room. The door slammed open and came in a middle-aged woman and a middle-aged man and . . .


That boy?!


You are that boy,” I mumbled. Couldnt believe what I saw was real.


Ah. Homeless lady?!


Homeless lady?


No one said that to me before. Like ever.


Ill be homeless if you adopt me.


. . .


. . .


I was awakened from my wonderful fantasies when gasps after gasps bounced along the room, and the pretty young boy had somehow . . .


. . . doubled himself?



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