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All I ever wanted was to feel love.


My mother didnt love me. She kept herself busy with her infatuation with my father.


My father didnt love me. He just stared at my mother and me without any emotion on his face.


Sometimes I wondered –– why they were even married and made me if they didnt want me?


Without my parents love, I learned to take care of myself. To fill the gaps in my heart, I focused all my attention on painting.


When my mother died from depression, I didnt even shed a tear. It was like watching a stranger lying motionless on the hospital bed.


While my father just stared at my mother without any sentiment, not a bit of guilt nor shame of what he did.


I wondered if this what love would do to you?


Just like my mother. She loved my father too much, which led her to this state, dying from sadness because the man she devoted all her life didnt love her back.




That was not love.


It was obsession.


I knew I watched too much drama.

When my father remarried, I thought I would finally feel what it was like to be loved by a mother –– but clearly, I was still dreaming.


Emma, my stepmother, didnt hide her loathing and disgust when she gazed at me. My father still looked at me like he didnt know me. My stepsister, Sophia, treated me like I was below her in everything.


I think I did became rebellious and wild to catch their attention, yet my father just stared at me with disgust while Emma and Sophia held me in contempt.


Realizing it was not me who had a problem, but more like, I would never be loved no matter what I did, I gave up the idea of one whole happy family.


When Nicholas Farrell came into my life, I thought I finally felt the love I so craved –– but then again, I was still dreaming.


He wanted me to be a girl I was not. He wanted me to be gentle and noble like other girls. He wanted me to speak and act like other girls. He wanted me to wear dresses and skirts like other girls. He wanted me to grow my hair long like other girls.


Knowing it was stupid, but I still did it.


I lost my sense of self and accepted the version of me, which was expected by everyone.


Until I met her.


Leanna Lee.


She didnt care about her reputation while she lived a carefree life. Devoid of peoples acceptance and judgment. Her lazy no care attitude baffled me. She was openly being mocked and judged by many, and yet, she was still the happiest person I know.


It dawned on me that she was happy because she was simply happy with herself. She knew her worth and didnt need anyone to affirm it.


When Nicholas broke off our engagement, all I felt was anger on wasting too much time on him. Maybe I was not in love with him after all, but in love with the idea of love.


Braking off the engagement. I was free. Free from all the things that suffocated me. Free from all this pretending to be ladylike shit. Free from the shackles that were holding me back to be happy.


Without a second thought, I packed my things and applied to live in the dorms. Away from all the negative people in my life.


Best decision I ever made.

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