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Chapter 9: Anxious Heart

“Where are you going?”

Estela grabbed my hand when my body automatically walked towards that boy with a black mask.

“I….. I…..”

I didn’t glance at Estela. My eyes still lock on that boy, afraid that I might lose him in these crowd.

When I saw him exiting the Casino, I panicked.

I shook my hand from Estela’s grasp and ran towards the exit.

“I’m sorry, Estela! I have to go! Go back on your own! I’ll call you!”


I didn’t mind Estela’s frantic calls, nor the people’s curious stares, nor the mask that fell out of my face, nor that I almost slid down into the stairs.

When the boy entered a car and drove off, I rushed to the nearest taxi stand.


The driver must have sensed that I was ready to kill him if he didn’t listen to me, he quickly drove to follow the boy’s car.

What am I doing?

I bit my lower lip. I was sitting at the lobby in a hotel, waiting for the boy to come out, ignoring all the glances thrown at me.

You’re not even sure if he’s indeed THAT boy.

Even so. I continued to wait.

The boy’s hair and built were still the same as I remembered it.

It’s my only lead. I’ll just have to see his face!

I was alternating between standing and sitting for some time. Unsure of what to do.

It felt like an hour, and I could sense that anytime now, the guards would shoo me away. They must have thought that I was crazy, hopping between standing and sitting while in a peacock dress.

But I don’t care.

I don’t care at all.

Finally, unable to hold the suspense and agony anymore – I walked towards the reception.

Just as I was about to shamelessly ask the room number of that boy, the elevator dinged, and my eyes automatically flew towards the young man who came out from it.

I think that my whole body was electrified, damaging my brain, making my heart erratic. My blood rushed out of control causing me to be dizzy. My legs seemed to be paralyzed on the spot as my muscles tightened while my stomach and intestines severely twisted like I was having diarrhea, LBM and constipation all at once.

When our gaze met, his deep brown eyes were slightly surprised, yet it quickly returned to its calm, mysterious glint.

I thought my heart would leap out from my mouth, so I kept my lips tight.

He slowly walked towards me.

I was suffocating and realized that I forgot to breathe. I didn’t know what to do as I was having seizures internally.


I didn’t finish my sentence, when he was just inches apart from me, he turned around to face the reception lady and gave out a card.

“Everything is done. Thank you for staying with us.” The reception lady said with all smiles.

The boy just nodded and walked towards a well-built man. Without even glancing at me, they left the lobby.

W-what just happened? Didn’t he recognize me?

Unable to accept the outcome. I sprinted out of the hotel and found that the young boy together with his male companion stepped inside a car and drove off.


I rushed again to the nearest taxi stand and roared.


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