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Chapter 8: Strange Feeling


Hello, Leanna? Can you come to my dorm? Im working on something, and I want to know your opinion.”


I placed down the brush and stared at the canvas at different angles.


Zoe, Im sorry. I cant. Estela and I are going to fetch Cain.”


I blinked.


Cain Fay!


I got excited about the idea of meeting the elusive man.


Without thinking, I shouted, I want to come with you!


I stood from my stool and ran to my closet.


Hello~! Zoe, be here in Azure Sky in an hour,” said a melodious harp-like voice.


Estela? Where are we going? I stumbled, trying to get out of my pajamas.


Oh~! Dont worry. Its not that far~ tehehehehehe.”


Alright. Ill be there in an hour. Wait for me here,” I said and ended the call.

I should have known talking to Estela Fay would either infuriate me or left me dumbfounded.


I shouldnt have trusted her words when she said it was near.


Its a whole fucking seven hours to Vegas!


All the while, I was in awe and amazed at the things I saw in Vegas. Sparkly buildings. Hyper crowds. Fast-moving cars. And this . . .


An enormous, elegant Casino!


I forgot myself at the grandiose in front of me. Good thing that Leanna grabbed my hand and pulled me along.


Inside, I didnt know which to take in first. The cosplay of people. The extravagant high ceiling. The large dance floor, or the delicious mouth-watering food.


Ill go with the latter.


I made my way towards the food section when Leanna walked forward.


Hey! Leanna, where are you going? I said, intending to grab her hand when Estela stopped me.


My attention shifted to Estelas charming face and noticed her pretty eyes were locked forward. I turned to follow her line of sight.


I knew somewhere in me, I didnt believe Leanna was going out with THE Cain Fay. I mean, no offense to Leanna, shes pretty –– but Cain Fay was like a whole new dimension altogether. I even thought Estela was not a Fay . . . for many reasons.


But seeing it now.


Leanna was dancing intimately with a man with a silver mask. Just one look, I knew it was Cain Fay. I could never forget such a charismatic man. That silver hair. Frosty eyes. And that intimidating air surrounding him. A man who demanded respect. Demanded attention.


Is this what real love is?


Watching as the two dance in their own little world, radiating warmth and happiness.


I didnt know Cain Fay could be so warm.


I felt a pang in my heart.


I knew what it was –– that heavy, unpleasant, suffocating feeling.




Dont get me wrong. I was not in love with Cain Fay. Just a crush. Just a silly admiration for him, like any other female, when they saw the handsome guy. I was jealous of Leanna because she was experiencing love, and also . . . proud and happy for her.


What a strange feeling.


I couldnt take my eyes off them as well as the audience –– the two where mesmerizing. I didnt even notice Estela, who was busy taking pictures of Leanna and Cain (where did she even hide that thing?).




I held my mouth as my lips twitched upward into a broad grin when THE Cain Fay embraced Leanna in front of the sea of gaping people.


But I was jolted awake when the cold man led Leanna out of the Casino.




I was about to chase after them when out of the corner of my eyes, a beautiful young boy flashed into my view.

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