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Chapter 7: Daydreaming


What did you say?


Emma stared daggers at Nicholas, which the man faced head-on.


Nicholas was also in a bad mood.


I said, Zoe wasnt there when I entered. I waited for the whole night!


Nicholas was angry, frustrated, annoyed, and disappointed when the plan didnt go how they imagined it to be.


Can you get Zoe to come again?he asked.


He refused to give up. Zoe was his ticket to Leanna. He didnt know why he wanted Leanna so badly. Like he was obsessed with making her submit to him.


Emma sighed before swallowing her wine in one gulp. That will be hard. Now that she knows I drugged her, she will be on guard from now on . . .” She paused and huffed a sigh. I dont understand. She was clearly affected by the drug. Where could she have gone?


Emma rubbed her chin while she tapped her long stylish nails on the table.


Who cares where she had gone?! The point is, our plan failed! What now?Nicholas said.


Youre clearly still a boy, Nicholas, Emma smirked, which warrant a snort from him.


Enlighten me.”


Emma poured herself some more wine while a malicious smile crept on her face.


Sophias debut. Shell be there. We have two days to corner her.”


Nicholas approached the scary woman and sat in front of her.


Im listening.”

I was still in a daze when the bell rang, signaling for the morning class to end.


I was going to meet Leanna in the cafeteria. But instead of heading in that direction, I made my way towards the toilet.


I opened a cubicle and continued my daydream. My thoughts flew to the cute boy who I shared a wonderful night with.


I was then rudely interrupted when two girls entered and spouted nonsense about my friend.


 I always knew from the moment I saw that girl, whats her name again?


Leanna Lee.”


Right. Shes a whore who sleeps with anyone for money.”


Rowan also confirmed it. You know that guy only associated with girls he slept with. He said Leanna was pretty wild in bed!


I frowned, and they snickered.




They screamed when I slammed open the cubicle door and sprayed bidet water on them.


W-what are you doing?! One of the girls screamed as they stumbled, avoiding the flying waters.


Cleaning the shit off from the toilet.” I smiled. It was like a shooting game as I aimed at their faces.


They wanted to retort, but since they would rather salvage what remained of their clothes, they scurried out from the toilet while shouting.


You just wait, Zoe Collin! Well tell the dean, and youll get detention!


I smirked. As if that will kill me.

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