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Chapter 6: Night to Remember


I opened my eyes to the sound of my stomach grumbling. I looked at the full-length window draped with fine curtains.


It was already afternoon judging from the orange sky.


I sat on the bed and was jolted awake from the pain between my thighs. I peeked at it –– it was swollen and red, and it hurts.


I froze when I was sore all over.


My brain responded, and gushed of memories poured into my head, remembering the intense, passionate night that happened. My body flared as I remembered how many times he and I made love last night.


Thats right! Where is he?!


I shook my head, searching for him, but the room remained quiet. Not a soul was seen.


I frowned when my eyes caught a note on the bedside table.


I reached and read it.


I wont forget what happened last night. Thank you for being my first woman.



Your card key is on the table. It was swap when we bumped into each other.


Another PS.

Please be careful and dont get drug again.


Droplets of water fell on my cheeks as I stared at his note.


It was also his first time. I didnt even get to know his name.


Many emotions wanted to burst out, but for now, all I yearned was him. Like I found a part of me, and it was gone.


I was not even regretting what happened last night.


For one, it would be a night I would always remember.

After I took a shower and filled my tummy, a sense of dread and intent to kill rose inside me. Now that my brain was working again, all the pent-up emotions came rushing in, suffocating me.


My fists clenched and I bit my lip.


That two-faced bitch!


If it was not because I bumped into that beautiful boy, who knew what could have happened.


She was clearly trying to have me raped!


I shuddered at the thought, trying to hold my anger.


I was a fool to trust her!


I forced myself to remain calm and shifted my gaze over the skyline in a daze.


Without thinking, I touched my lips.


He was a stranger, but it was like my body knew him and was waiting for him.


Honestly, I should be depressed that my virginity was taken from me by a stranger, but all I felt were bittersweet emotions.


Not even Nick could arouse such emotions from me.


I was ready to give myself to Nick anytime because I thought I love him. But my mind, heart, body, and soul refused, and yet all of me accepted that boy.


A boy that I just met.


A stranger.


A beautiful innocent stranger.


*sigh . . .


I hope we will meet again.

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