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Chapter 3: Boy

I blinked when I inserted the card, and the uppermost floor lit up.

The suites?

I would never have thought that Emma would get me a room in the uppermost floor reserved only for VIP’s.

She really must be sincere.

When the elevator dinged, I got off and quickly strode towards my room. I didn’t even get the chance to admire the grandiose and luxury before me as I immediately made my way towards the bedroom and slumped my body on that soft, cozy bed, without a care in the world.

Not long after, I fell into deep sleep.

I woke up from the aching and burning of my body. My breathing ragged and I felt that all of my senses went up to the highest point of sensitivity that a slight touch became excruciatingly painful, and at the same time, pleasurable that I almost moaned in delight.

“Are you alright?”

Asked a crisp, bright voice, evidently of a boy still in his puberty.

The voice was familiar.

It was the boy I bumped into earlier!

I wanted to say something, but my body was aching too much – much more now that I heard that boyish voice. Instead of answering, I gave a loud moan to release some tension in my body.

Instantly, the room went blindingly bright that I was forced to close my eyes.

“You’re scaring me, lady. Should I call a doctor?”

My body naturally responded to that clear, crisp voice as if I had been waiting for that boy all my life. I forced open my eyes and saw a pair of deep brown eyes.

Where have I seen it before?

I felt myself shivered when his cold hands touched my forehead. The feeling was intense as cold and heat collided, causing me to arched my spine to control my trembling body.

“You’re burning! Wait here, I’ll call–!”

The boy didn’t finish his sentence when I grabbed his shoulders and pushed him onto the bed, I then rose and straddled him.

My brain already melted long ago from the heat as I didn’t know what I was doing. All I knew was that, I must submit to my body’s cravings, or I’d go crazy.

I wanted this boy! Wanted him – now!

“I….. want… you…” I moaned.

I wanted to rip off our clothes, but I had no strength left in me as I slumped on the boy’s chest.

The boy immediately got up and looked at me surprised. I mastered all my strength and reached out my hand and touched that beautiful, slightly innocent, face.

The boy’s eyes turned a shade deeper when I caressed his thin, cherry, kissable lips. His hand grabbed my fingers, halting my exploration.

Funny, he was, at most, just a fourteen-year-old kid, yet his hands were much bigger than mine.

“Lady… I think you shouldn’t tease kids like that. Even though I’m young, I’m still a man after all.”

He grinned at me, causing his beautiful face to look mischievously cute.

Young, yet already quite handsome.

Let’s have sex already!! Can’t you see I’m going crazy here?!!

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