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Chapter 2: Fate

“How’s school?” Emma Collin, my stepmother, asked in all smiles.


I remained expressionless as I sipped my wine, then tapped a napkin on my lips signaling that I had finished eating and wanted to go back to the dorms.

I was not oblivious to the fact that this woman hated me.

Emma called me a while ago, asking me to have dinner with her on the pretense to celebrate my first day of college which was a little late since school already started days ago.

Emma sighed and leaned forward, looking all apologetic and sorry.

“Zoe, I know that we started out all wrong and I know that you must have think of me as your enemy. But I’m here now in front of you to start a new. Can you give me a chance to be a mother to you?”

I paused and looked at the woman.

I was trying to discern what this woman was planning, yet all I could see were sincerity and eagerness in her eyes.

Can I? Can I really trust her?

All my life since my mother died, Emma always looked at me with contempt and loathing, but now, gone was the hatred. It was replaced by motherly emotions ready to start a new chapter with me.

Maybe because I was longing for a family’s love or a mother’s affection, but whatever it was, I wanted to feel that affection, especially from a family.

I nodded.

Emma breathed a sigh of relief and gently smiled at me.

I awkwardly smiled back. I was not use to the feeling, but I could tell that I was pleased.

Even if Sophia and I didn’t get along, at least from now on, Emma would treat me like a daughter. Then maybe, just maybe, not before long, my father would also treat me like a daughter.

And we could all become one big happy family.

That’s all I ever wanted.

A family.

“Zoe, this is a five-star hotel. I’ve reserved a room for you so you can enjoy yourself. I know it is late, but consider it as a commemoration gift for your first day at the university.”

Emma handed out a card to me which I gladly accepted.

“Zoe, I made sure that all expenses are already paid. The spa here is to die for.” Emma teased which made me chuckled.

“Why don’t you and I go together then?” I asked, trying to bridge the gap from those long years of not knowing each other.

Emma’s face contorted to form a regretful and unhappy look.

“Zoe, believe me, I love to… but you know we’ve been very busy with Sophia’s birthday.”

“Oh,” was all I could say. I didn’t hide my disappointment.

Emma quickly grabbed my hand.

“I promise. After Sophia’s birthday, why don’t you and I have a mother-daughter date? Just the two of us?”

My face instantly lit up. I couldn’t believe that my long wish would finally come true. Bonding with a family!

I nodded my head.

I was so happy.


I felt a slight jolt in my brain which caused me to see blurred images.

“Zoe? What’s wrong? Are you alright?”

I heard Emma’s frantic and panic voice which made me feel comforted and warm.

“Y-yeah, It must be….all the paints…I inhaled…a while ago….” I forced to say despite the painful pounding of my head.

This is no joke!

I felt my brain gritting and thumping wildly, and I was becoming dizzy and fast!

I quickly stood up.

“I’m sorry… I-I think… I need to go…. r-rest up a bit….”

“Zoe, don’t worry about me. You go and sleep. Do you want me to accompany you upstairs?”

I could still hear Emma’s panic-stricken voice which was a good sign that my head hadn’t entirely exploded yet.

I smiled and shook my head.

“N-no need…… T-thank you…” Was all I could say amidst the dizziness.

I quickly walked out of the restaurant, staggering while trying hard to maintain my balance. I was on my way towards the elevator when it opened and came out a kid. Since I was half running and practically focusing on my pounding head rather than in my surroundings, I bumped into him and the card that Emma gave me flew out of my hand.


I hissed.

I quickly regained my bearing as I frantically searched for the card, not minding the kid on the floor. When I found it, I quickly grabbed the card and strode towards the closing elevator.

“Hey Lady, wait!”

Yelled a crisp voice coming from that kid I just bumped into.

Before I could even see the kid’s face, the elevator door closed.

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