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Chapter 15: The Match


I was supposed to be enjoying the Hawaiians bounties not watching a volleyball game between the two men.


At first, I thought it would be a one-sided match, but it turned out, this Elliot guy was like the God of volleyball. He may be short, but that didnt stop him from jumping high, smashing the ball like it was nothing. He made it so easy playing the game that all I had to do was pass the ball to him to land us a score.


But of course, Nicholas had done a fantastic job to stopped the ball and returned scores to make the battle even.


Like that, the two competed with each other, completely forgotten that it was supposed to be a team sport.


Do I even need to be here?



Before I could react to Elliots panicked voice, a sprinting ball hit my head, and I crash on the sand.




This made it two in just a day!


Do I look like a net that balls keep hitting me left and right?


Are you alright? Elliot reached a hand to me, which I didnt accept.


I glanced at the opposite side of the net and saw a tall woman snickering.


Must be her.


I shoved Elliots hand away and stood on my own. I patted my butt before tucking my panty in place, which made Elliots eyes shifted away.


Pass me the ball,” I hissed. My eyes preyed on that tall woman on the other side of the net.


After Elliot made sure I was alright, he walked into position and gave me a nod.


When the enemy struck, Elliot saved, hitting the ball to me, the perfect height to land a smash.


Out of the corner of my eyes, the tall woman who was guarding the front positioned herself for the incoming ball. I kicked the sand hard, and it flew on her face. She shut her eyes, and that was when I jumped and smacked the ball straight on her face, making sure it landed on her nose.




The cry of the woman silenced the onlooking crowds as she fell on the ground, covering her bloody nose with her hand.


I smirked before turning towards Elliot, who was stunned. Sorry. Im tired of playing. Have someone sub for me.”


I then walked out of the game, leaving the dumbfounded crowds behind.


I didnt care if I look like a looser or a bitch. My reputation wasnt good from the start anyway.


Might as well play the part.


I was not an idiot to continue playing after that. That woman and I would just hit each others faces.






What do you want? I asked voice bored as my face. I continued walking without stopping. I let my feet take me anywhere, just not here, while maintaining my gaze forward.


Are you thirsty? You said youre tired. Lets go and have ice cream.” Elliot half ran to catch up to me.


Dont you have a game to win?


No use if youre not in it anymore.”


I stopped and faced him. Youll just let Nicholas win the bet?


It may seem a huge deal to him, but not to me. Its just setting a meeting with my father.” Elliot shrugged his shoulders and grinned.


The way he grinned kept reminding me of that boy.




I crossed my arms and tilted my body to the side.


Mr. Volknov, whatever you are doing. Stop it now. Im not interested.”


I then walked ahead, leaving him behind, rooted to his spot –– a complicated look on his face.

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