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Chapter 14: Interested

I motioned to leave when he grabbed my hand.

“Come on!”

Then he led me to the group of men and women to introduce.

I didn’t want to make a scene in front of this many people, so I let him led me along.

“Everyone, I found us a new member!” Elliot happily announced.

The two men’s eyes sparkled at the sight of me while the two women sized me up.

So it was going to be a three vs. three battle.

Wait. Why did I already count myself in?

Their faces were unfamiliar. I wonder if they were college students from other universities or something.



“Hello, Nicholas.” I turned around to find the man in his sexy teasing open buttoned white collar shirt and swimming shorts.

Nicholas’s eyes narrowed at me while his face plastered a disbelief kind of look as his eyes glint in lust and desire, but quickly replaced by a kind gentlemanly smile.

“Hello, Mr. Farrell.” Elliot got between the two of us and shielded me from Nicholas’s view while his face laid back and unreadable.

“Mr. Volknov.” Nicholas tone was even and respectful, and he gave out a warm smile.

I was surprised that they knew each other.

Nicholas was eight years older than Elliot, but he seemed to be respectful towards the young man.

“Zoe. I didn’t know that you’re acquainted with Mr. Elliot Volknov.” Nicholas smiled at me, yet I could still hear that slight accusation in his tone.

Ah… No. Why did I fell from this kind of guy again?

“We’ve just gotten acquainted today. We’re about to play a volleyball game.” Elliot quickly said when I didn’t answer.

Nicholas’s smile grew wider. “Oh… Do you have room for one more?”

What?! No!

“Sorry, Mr. Farrell. We’re already even.” Elliot replied with an apologetic tone.

“Oh.” Nicholas maintained his smile, then he walked towards the two men near the playing field and whispered something before coming back to us.

“The guy over there said that he would be the referee so I could take his place.”

I glared at him.

Why is this man approaching me now?!

Elliot maintained his warm smile as he spoke. “I see. Let’s start then.”

“Mr. Volknov… Why don’t we make the game more… interesting?

When Elliot didn’t answer, Nicholas continued.

“Why don’t we make a bet?”

“A bet?”

“If I win… You’ll grant me an audience with your father.” Nicholas said without batting an eyelid.

Oh… So this is why.

Suddenly, I felt embarrassed of thinking that Nicholas approached us because of me. He was here for Elliot for whatever reasons he have.

“I see…” Elliot remained unfazed like these kinds of dealings were happening to him every day. He maintained his warm, carefree smile.

“Alright… but…” Elliot grabbed my shoulder and shoved me to his side while my body was stunned at the sudden closeness. “Zoe will be on my team, and if you lose, you’ll have to heed a one wish of mine.”

The way he said my name was like we knew each other and were the best of friends.

I stared at him in disbelief.

Nicholas brows slightly twitched. “Alright then… let’s start.” He walked towards where the other players were waiting.

I immediately slapped Elliot’s hand away from my shoulder.

“What are you doing? I didn’t say that I’ll agree.”

Elliot grinned while rubbing his slapped hand. “Don’t you want to get back at your ex-fiancé?”

“I thought you don’t know me? You were asking my name a while ago. How did you know that I was that jerk’s fiancée?”

“Sorry, I lied… Who wouldn’t know about the Collin’s infamous black sheep of the family? You’re very popular even abroad.”

“So you’re just pretending. What do you want?” I crossed my arms and switched to my bitchy mode, radiating hostile air.

“Relax. I don’t have any motive in approaching you.”

Elliot wryly smiled. “I just… I just really wanted to get acquainted with you.”


I was too busy in setting my guard up and ignored the young man’s cheeks turning red.

“Because… I’m interested in you.”



I should be flattered.

But I’m not.

I couldn’t believe that this pretty man is interested in me. After Nicholas and the incident with Emma and the thing with that boy, I found it difficult to trust people I just met.

“You don’t believe me. Your face says it all.” Elliot’s face looked dejected, yet he still maintained his warm smile and kind eyes that I almost reach out to console him.

Instantly, I felt guilty for making him sad.



Hey! You guys, let’s start already!”

The tense, awkward atmosphere was broken when we heard the impatient voice of one of the female players. They’ve already taken their position and I noticed that Nicholas’s team have two towering males including the man himself and a female that competed with their height.

While our side would just have Elliot as a male and two girls. Not to mention that Elliot and I were of the same short height while the other girl was just probably at five foot six inches in height.

This is completely one-sided!!

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