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Chapter 13: Elliot Volknov

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I took in a mouthful of fresh summer, salty air, and slowly released it from my mouth.


AaahhHH . . .




I turned all giddy as excitement filled me. Couldnt wait to try everything Hawaii had to offer.


The clear, crystal, turquoise water was enticing everyone to feel its refreshing depth. The soft golden sand and different color seashells were laid bare and ready to be played. The diverse group of men and women in their bikinis outmatch each other under the drizzling warm Hawaiian summer sky.


I noticed a group of women and men alike were taking glances at me.


I dont look weird in my swimsuit, right?


I took a peek and found nothing out of the ordinary in my two-piece, pink crochet, swimsuit.

I shrugged and sighed.


It would be much more awesome if I had someone to enjoy this scenery with.


After I left Leanna for Cain Fay to terrorized, I ended in the middle of all the crowd and activities.




I turned to find a young, innocent-looking man with shoulder-length brown hair in a loose ponytail, standing meters from me, all smiles.


He was pretty for a man and had that kind of face that would make everybody at ease from just the sight of him.


My guard went up.


Im Elliot Volknov.”

My eyebrow rose when he extended a hand at me.


. . .


. . .


I didnt accept his hand while I shifted my head left and right, just to be sure that he was speaking to me as I couldnt believe a pretty man would introduce himself to me without any motive.


He chuckled in response at seeing my reaction as he retracted his hand.


May I know your name?


Do I know you? I didnt hide the hostility in my voice at his open friendliness.


Elliot grinned, not one bit offended with my crass attitude. No. But Im very much interested in getting to know you.”


This guy is smooth.


Is he picking me up or something?


I frowned at the thought.


Elliot seemed to read what I was thinking, and raised both hands.


Im not here to hit on you.”


Even his voice was pleasing to the ears. Mellow and soothing and a little sharp like the ringing of bells. Evident that he was still young and growing.


It reminded me of that boy . . .


Stop! Dont think of him. Forget. Forget!


“. . . th . . . play . . . vo . . . so, are you game?


I snapped out from my trance at the end of his words.




I must look like an idiot right now, yet he seemed not to mind my lack of attention as he sweetly smiled. He then pointed his finger at a group of men and women who were setting a volleyball net.


I said, do you want to play with us? Were currently short of a player right now.”


I glanced over at the group of towering men and women and stared at the boy in front of me. I was not exactly tall in my five foot four inches height, and this Elliot guy was like the same height as me.


The same height and build as that boy.


How old are you? I blurted before I could even stop myself.


Elliot chuckled, yet still accommodated me in kind. I may look young, but I just turned seventeen.”


I didnt hide the surprise on my face at his confession.


I was older by months!


I wonder if that boy was also the same.


Looks younger from his real age.


! ! !






This Elliot guy made me remember that boy all the more.


I have to get the hell away from him!

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